Bedford Modern Student off to the ‘Big Apple’!

09 Jul 2015

Bedford Modern School student Alexander Brand, Year 10, has won a trip to New York City (NYC) as a runner up in the SINCE 9/11 National Schools Competition following his submission of a short film answering the question: How did 9/11 change the world?


SINCE 9/11 is an educational charity set up to ensure that the legacy of 9/11 is one that builds hope from tragedy. Their mission is to develop, out of the horror of the events, an educational programme for schools, devoted to a proper understanding of what happened. The competition asks for students to submit a short essay or film which is then judged against; originality and inventiveness, clarity and communication, knowledge and understanding, aspiration and inspiration.


Alex, aged 14, found out about the competition through his English teacher, Steven Bywater. The class were learning more about the significance and consequences of 9/11 and the topic sparked Alexander’s interest.


Alex said: “It is really exciting to have been a runner up in this competition. I really enjoyed making the film and the story of 9/11 interests me a lot, especially the long term effects of the event. Even people who were only very young when it happened, like me, want to know more about it.”


Alex will be visiting NYC from 9-13 of September and will be staying on the infamous Wall Street. He will have the opportunity to visit the memorial and meet both the Mayor and survivors of the attack to hear first-hand about how it affected them. In addition Alex has been invited to attend the US Embassy in London on 28 July for a formal dinner with his family.


Steven Bywater, Head of English, commented: “Alex responded positively to the task set in English. Rather than produce another essay, he decided to create a video. What he has produced is obviously a worthy winner and I wouldn’t be surprised if he now opts for Film Studies in Year 12 – he certainly has it in him to become the next Hitchcock!”