07 Feb 2013

Bedford Modern School Year 8 pupil, Johnnie Leather, is taking part in the ‘Plumpy Nut Challenge’ on Monday 28 January.

13 year old Johnnie is the youngest person in the country to sign up to the challenge raising money for the charity Merlin UK. Merlin has been working in East Africa for almost 20 years, making sure starving children get the food they need to live and has helped save the lives of countless children in Africa.

Plumpy Nuts are sachets of protein paste, packed with calories and vitamins, and given to severely malnourished children in East Africa. For one day, Johnnie has agreed to eat no other food other than the four sachets of Plumpy Nuts and he can only drink water.

“£50 saves one child and as I am one of four children my target is to raise at least £200 as that’s like saving me and my sisters,” said Johnnie.

“My mum heard about the charity challenge on Twitter and I thought it would be good to see what it was like to eat the same thing as some of the children in East Africa. I hope that by taking part in the ‘Plumpy Nut Challenge’ I will help raise awareness and also encourage others to get involved in fundraising for charity. The hardest thing will be seeing my friends eating their snacks at breaktime and having lunch whilst I can only eat peanut paste!” said Johnnie.

To sponsor Johnny in his charity challenge please visit

Photo: Johnnie Leather is the youngest person in the country to sign up to the charity challenge