Open Days

Independent schools are happy to welcome visits from prospective parents and students, either by appointment or by holding specific Open Days during the school year.

Reading a prospectus can only give so much information. An Open Day gives the opportunity to look around the school, absorb the atmosphere and meet the Head, staff and pupils.  It provides an insight into the interaction of staff and pupils and also the relationship between the pupils and their peers.  Current work by pupils will be on show and demonstrations of practical work in drama, music, games, technology and science may be given too.

It is vitally important to visit the schools in person before enrolling your child.  Once a shortlist of schools has been made a visit will confirm suitability and distinguish between them. Visits in September or October will allow plenty of time to enter your child for any entrance examinations which are usually held in January or February for entry the following September.

FORTHCOMING OPEN DAYS – please click on the link and contact the school for detail

MARCH 2018

Fri. 2nd – St Swithun’s School (junior)- Hampshire
Fri. 2nd – Sibford School – Oxfordshire
Fri.  2nd – Prior Park College – Somerset
Sat.  3rd – Eastbourne College – East Sussex
Sat.  3rd –  Wycliffe College – Gloucestershire
Sat.  3rd – Millfield School – Somerset
Mon.  5th – Maple Walk School – London NW10
Tues. 6th – Southbank International School – Hampstead – London NW3
Wed.  7th – Bootham School (Junior School) – North Yorkshire
Wed. 7th – The Gregg School – Hampshire
Wed. 7th – Greenfields – East Sussex
Thurs.8th – Dodderhill Independent Girls – Worcestershire
Sat. 10th – Christ College, Brecon – Powys, Wales
Sat. 10th – Akeley Wood Junior School – Buckinghamshire
Sat. 10th – Alder Bridge School – Berkshire
Sat. 10th – The King’s School, Canterbury (13+) – Kent
Sat.  10th – Epsom College – Surrey
Sat.  10th – Abbot’s Hill School  – Hertfordshire
Mon. 12th – HawleyHurst (Prep) – Surrey
Tues.13th – Faraday School – London E14
Tues. 13th –Luckley House School – Berkshire
Tues. 13th –Leighton Park School – Berkshire
Tues.13th – Mayfield School – East Sussex
Thurs.15th – The Cedars School – Berkshire
Thurs.15th- Maple Walk School – London NW10
Fri.  16th – HawleyHurst (Prep) – Surrey
Sat.  17th- Akeley Wood Senior School – Buckinghamshire
Sat.  17th –Royal Alexandra and Albert School – Surrey
Sat. 17th – Sibford School (Juniors) – Oxfordshire
Sat.  17th – Monkton School (Senior) – Somerset
Sat.  17th – LVS Ascot – (Junior, Senior, Sixth Form) – Berkshire
Mon. 19th – HawleyHurst (Senior and Sixth Form) – Surrey
Tues.20th – HawleyHurst (Prep, Senior and Sixth Form) – Surrey
Wed. 21st – HawleyHurst (Senior and Sixth Form) – Surrey
Thurs.22nd-Lord Wandsworth College – Hampshire
Sat.   24th –Wrekin College – Shropshire
Tues.27th –Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall – Norfolk
Wed.28th – Abbot’s Hill School (Preparatory) – Hertfordshire


APRIL 2018

Fri.  20th – Cheltenham Ladies’ College – Gloucestershire
Sat. 21st  –  The Leys School (Boarding) – Cambridgeshire
Sat.  21st –  LVS Ascot – (Reception) – Berkshire
Sat. 21st – Bishop’s Stortford College  (Pre-Prep) – Hertfordshire
Mon. 23rd – Maple Walk School – London NW10
Tues.24th –Leighton Park School – Berkshire
Tues.24th- Akeley Wood Junior School – Buckinghamshire
Tues.24th – Faraday School – London E14
Wed. 25th – Staines Prep School – Surrey
Wed. 25th – Greenfields – East Sussex
Thurs.26th- Mayfield School – East Sussex
Thurs.26th-St Andrew’s Prep – East Sussex
Sat.  28th – St Andrew’s Prep – East Sussex
Sat. 28th –RGS Springfield – Worcestershire
Sat. 28th – Burgess Hill Girls – West Sussex
Sat.  28th – LVS Ascot – (Senior, Sixth Form) – Berkshire
Sat. 28th – The King’s School, Canterbury (Sixth Form) – Kent
Sat. 28th – Moreton Hall (Senior School) – Shropshire


MAY 2018

Wed.  2nd – St Joseph’s in the Park – Hertfordshire
Thurs.3rd – Dodderhill Independent Girls – Worcestershire
Thurs.3rd-Lord Wandsworth College – Hampshire
Fri.  4th – Sibford School – Oxfordshire
Sat.  5th – Millfield School – Somerset
Sat.  5th – Lancing College (senior) – West Sussex
Sat.  5th –Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall – Norfolk
Mon. 7th – Queen’s College – Somerset
Tues. 8th – Akeley Wood Senior School – Buckinghamshire
Wed. 9th – LVS Ascot – (Junior) – Berkshire
Thurs.10th- The Gregg School – Hampshire
Fri.  11th – Spratton Hall – Northamptonshire
Fri.  11th – Heatherton School – Buckinghamshire
Fri.  11th – Abbot’s Hill School (Preparatory) – Hertfordshire
Sat.  12th – RGS The Grange – Worcestershire
Sat.  12th – Cottesmore School – West Sussex
Sat.  12th – Staines Prep School – Surrey
Sat. 12th – Malvern College (13+ entry) – Worcestershire
Sat.  19th –Royal Alexandra and Albert School – Surrey
Sat. 19th – Abbey Gate College (Infant and Junior) – Cheshire
Mon. 21st – HawleyHurst (Prep, Senior and Sixth Form) – Surrey
Mon. 21st – Cheltenham Ladies’ College – Gloucestershire
Tues. 22nd –Greenfields – East Sussex
Sat.  30th – The Peterborough School (senior and prep) – Cambridgeshire
Tues.22nd-Leighton Park School – Berkshire


JUNE 2018

Mon.  4th – Abbey Gate College (Infant and Junior) – Cheshire
Thurs.7th –Luckley House School – Berkshire
Sat.  9th – Wellington College (13+ for entry 2021 only) – Berkshire
Thurs.14th- Abbot’s Hill School (Preparatory) – Hertfordshire
Thurs.14th- Akeley Wood Junior School – Buckinghamshire
Sat.  16th – Aldenham School – Hertfordshire
Sat.  16th – Sibford School – Oxfordshire
Sat.  16th – Kingham Hill School – Oxfordshire
Sat.  16th – The King’s School, Canterbury (13+) – Kent
Sat.  16th – Eastbourne College – East Sussex
Sat. 16th – Malvern College (16+ entry) – Worcestershire
Tues.19th – Leighton Park School – Berkshire
Tues. 19th- Greenfields – East Sussex
Thurs.21st – Wolverhampton Grammar School – West Midlands
Fri. 22nd – Akeley Wood Senior School – Buckinghamshire
Fri. 29th – Cheltenham Ladies’ College – Gloucestershire



Sat.  15th – Eastbourne College – East Sussex
Sat. 15th – Wellington College (16+ for entry 2019 only) – Berkshire
Sat.22nd – Bishop’s Stortford College – Hertfordshire
Sat. 22nd – Abbey Gate College (Senior) – Cheshire
Sat. 29th – Abbey Gate College (Infant and Junior) – Cheshire



Sat.  6th – RGS Worcester – Worcestershire
Sat.  6th – Malvern College (13+/14+ entry) – Worcestershire
Sat. 6th  – HawleyHurst (Prep, Senior and Sixth Form) – Surrey
Sat. 6th – Wellington College – Berkshire
Sat.  6th – The King’s School, Canterbury (Sixth Form) – Kent
Sat. 13th – The King’s School, Canterbury (13+) – Kent
Sat. 13th – Bishop’s Stortford College  (Sixth Form) – Hertfordshire



Sat. 10th – Bishop’s Stortford College  (Prep) – Hertfordshire
Sat. 17th – Wellington College – Berkshire


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