04 Mar 2014

What impressed me the most when I first visited the lower school was that the children were calm and happy. They were being themselves and busy enjoying what they were doing. There was no franticness. It was just a calm environment, almost serene.

The most important thing for me and for my child was that there was no bullying in the school. Our child has always been very gentle and mild mannered and we wanted similar kind of children around him. We heard that there was no tolerance for bullying at Greenfields, and it was not just talk but really true, so that sparked my interest. The school has a reputation as being a safe place for children to nurture in and this was the main reason we pickedGreenfields. Also my husband and I were aware that Greenfield’s ‘how to study’ and learning courses are some of the best and this was another important factor in making our decision to put my son in the school.
The decision was a good one because whenever my husband and I collect our child from school each day we have to coax him out of the classroom as he does not want to leave. This has been an everyday occurrence since he started school. Our son absolutely loves going toGreenfields. We are so happy and we have no worries about him.

My husband and I are very educationally minded and we are very happy with the study technology that Greenfields offers.  We have seen how it helps children to learn more effectively and doesn’t make learning too much of a drag. It creates a desire where the child is eager to learn more which I would think every parent would want for their own children.

Whenever we ask questions about our child which may not seem important to anyone else, except us, I feel the questions are answered with care and understanding and not brushed off as if we were just overly fussy parents.

We would recommend the school to other parents. As parents ourselves we understand the concerns other parents would have for their child when starting a new school. Any parent would want their child to have a good stable start in their early life so that they build the foundations for a successful future. Greenfields offers the perfect environment, the teaching know-how and the understanding necessary for this to occur.