Abbot’s Hill School – BBC School Report 2016

16 May 2016

On Thursday 10 March, a group of Year 9 pupils took part in the annual BBC School Report. It was a day full of writing, reporting and meeting the all-important 14:00 deadline!

The team applied by sending in an application letter to Mr Smith and Miss Morris, who then assigned the girls to different roles. Twenty-eight girls enthusiastically signed up to become editors, writers, camerawomen and presenters and were given just under three months to prepare news stories to research and write about. All of the girls came together to create a series of articles and news reports which can be found here.

A lot of preparation took place to ensure that everything ran smoothly on the day, where the articles were finalised and the reports were filmed. All of the girls were full of anticipation and excitement and each had a specific job to do. Writers researched current affairs and wrote them up into articles, these were sent to the editors to amend and then passed on to the presenters and camerawomen to create the final presentation. These were then uploaded to the School website.

Everyone involved in the BBC School Report experience learned a wide-range of essential skills, such as the importance of time management, teamwork and making deadlines. Working on the School Report made us more conscious of what was happening in the outside world, especially the matters that concerned both us and the future. It was a brilliant experience that all of us will remember, and we can only wish those who will go on to be a part of it good luck – as we know they will enjoy it as much as we have!

By Joella and Matilda, Year 9

The BBC School Report team consisted of:

Abi, Alice, Amber, Chloe, Eleanor, Eve, Georgina, Isobel O, Iyman, Jacey, Joella, Kate, Lara, Leila, Libby, Lucy A, Lucy F, Lucy M, Lydia, Mariella, Matilda, Maya, Molly, Olivia S, Rebecca, Sarah, Sophie and Violet.

Well done to all of the girls that took part and a big thank you to Mr Smith, Miss Morris and Mr Lewis for all of their help.