Aiming high at Kings London: Oxbridge and a career in politics

19 Mar 2021

Alexandra-Daniela is taking her A-levels with Kings in London after moving to the UK from Romania last September. We recently met up with her to get her thoughts on what makes Kings special, and to find out about the ambitious and exciting plans for her future study, and beyond that, her career.

What is the teaching like at Kings London?I feel that this environment; the smaller classes and the teachers that are very kind, are a big advantage for me. It is easier to ask questions and to answer the different questions. I feel like the teachers are giving a lot of their free time to help me understand better.

What is the community like at Kings?

I feel that the international vibe is a very great advantage because in coming from a country where everybody is the same — all 30 people in a class or 2000 people in a school are the same — when I came here I was a little bit scared because I thought I would be the only one from a different country, but then I realised that many of us are international students so it’s actually easier to fit in and just learn about the cultures and traditions of peoples’ countries. It’s actually amazing and they are very friendly.

What are your future plans for study and beyond?

I am planning on studying Politics because I feel like there is a big need for people who actually have studies in this particular subject, and just learn about how to help the entire world and have a better connection with people.

I am actually aiming very high — I want to go to Oxford and study the PPE course (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) as I feel it’s a very great advantage for somebody like me who wants to aim as high as I can to be a politician, because that’s my biggest dream. I think everyone’s biggest dream is to see their home country evolving and growing.

What support have you had in terms of choosing universities and preparing for applying to Oxford?

I had a lot of help, firstly from my friends and family — they are very supportive so that helps me a lot. But mostly this school is helping me a lot — all the teachers, they also tell me, if you want to do that, you have to learn and study more, and we’ll help you more. The A-level directors, Gareth and Alice, everyone is amazing. They’ll help me with information anytime I want and try to get me to be as motivated as possible as it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

How is Kings keeping people safe during the pandemic?
It’s amazing — I haven’t seen anything like this before! They always ask who needs a mask, if you need hand sanitiser, they also have bacterial wipes. I feel like everyone understands how important it is to be safe, and all the risks that are taken when you want to open a school and get people in. I’m feeling very safe at school with all the things that we have.

What would you say to friends thinking about coming to the UK to study? How would you describe Kings to them?

I don’t know if I would describe it as a school! I don’t really think it’s a school. I think it’s more like a community that wants to develop and grow and evolve together. I don’t really find it as teacher and class and students, I find it more like some friends that sit around and try to get information from each other.

There have been times when I’ve taught the teacher a new thing that he or she didn’t know about. I think it’s very awesome — this exchange of information. We sit together and talk about anything – if you have a question you can just ask it.

I will tell them, if you want to be part of a family and not a school where you have bosses and you have to listen to everyone, come to Kings because it’s the best place ever!