Arkwright Scholarship awarded – St Edmund’s College

12 Nov 2020

Congratulations to Sam Willoughby, Rhetoric I, for being awarded an Arkwright Scholarship.

An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture school-age students to be the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession. The Scholarships are awarded to students through a rigorous selection process and support students through the two years of their A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers or equivalent qualifications.

Dr Eves, Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator, shared: “This scholarship is richly deserved for Sam, a student who is passionate about Engineering. Sam has an enquiring mind and a unique skill set when it comes to designing and creating engineering projects. The remote control car he made for his application required hours of dedicated refinement and is worthy of any professional manufacturer. I am excited to see how Sam can develop further projects through the course of his scholarship. The prestige of this award cannot be understated with a success rate and competition level to rival any Oxbridge application. He is carrying on a now established tradition of Edmundian Arkwright scholars.”