Belmont School Buries Time Capsule in Building’s Foundations

27 Apr 2022

Future generations will be able to learn more about Belmont School now that a time capsule has been buried in the foundations of its latest development, the Aquileon Building, which derives its name from the classical roots for the two School Houses – Eagles (Aquila) and Lions (Leo).  The Bursar at Belmont School and Project Manager for the development placed a copy of the building’s plans in the capsule in addition to letters from the Headmistress and the eldest pupil, a picture from the youngest pupil who is just three years old and other artefacts reflecting school life.

The time capsule was buried by a group of pupils who were assisted by Ascia, the building contractors.  Ascia constructed a special brick box to conceal the time capsule so that it would be protected for future generations.

Mrs Skrine comments, “It is exciting to imagine someone discovering the time capsule in years to come.  The capsule contains evidence not only of Belmont’s history and current developments, but my letter reflects the times in which we have lived recently, including the global pandemic.  We thought it would be amusing to include a face mask and lateral flow test too!”

The Aquileon Building is due for completion later this year and will increase the facilities at the school substantially.  It will include six new senior classrooms, a new IT Suite, two Art studios, Photography Department, a Performance Studio for Drama, Dance and the Performing Arts, a Wellbeing Centre and Tutorial rooms.   To follow the progress of the development, please visit or follow #belmontisexpanding on social media.