Best GCSE results in eight years for Loretto School pupils

24 Jul 2020

We are delighted to report the success of our pupils in their GCSE examinations. With 94.3% pass and 45.4% top grades (in the 9-7 range), our pupils have achieved our best results since 2011 and 2015 respectively. Almost three quarters of our pupils (74%) have passed all their exams at grades 9-4.

Many of our pupils have performed beyond expectations, and we are delighted that 12.7% of our pupils’ results attained the coveted grade 9, nearly three times better than the National statistic of 4.5%.

Dr Graham Hawley, Headmaster of Loretto School, said “These wonderful results are a reflection of the high academic expectations that we have for our GCSE pupils. By guiding pupils through a challenging academic curriculum, we ensure that they are well prepared for the opportunities that follow these important examinations. The hard work of the pupils and the expert teaching and guidance of the staff have resulted in our best overall pass rate since 2011”.