Bishop’s Stortford Pre-Preprep senses workshop

16 Dec 2012

Learning is so much fun…

There are so many ways to learn and Year One pupils in Pre-Prep have thoroughly enjoyed an exciting number of special events recently.

A Toy Workshop gave the pupils the opportunity to touch, feel and talk about old toys. They also had a visit from a grandparent who used to be a toymaker and another one who used to own a toy shop. Listening to these ‘first hand’ experiences and then playing with some traditional toys certainly brought the learning to life.

Meanwhile, a ‘Me and My Senses’ workshop was based around the theme of hospitals, with the children joining in activities to learn about their bodies and their senses. The children participated in a range of ‘clinics’, including ear, eyes, heart, bone, measuring, taste, hand and touch.

To discover more about the planets and our solar system, the Pre-Prep Hall was converted into a planetarium! The children were able to explain how we see the moon and stars as well as how moon craters are created. They also had a look at some constellations.

The children were joined by Mr Geoff Brant, Chair of the College Education Committee, who was impressed with the learning and knowledge that the children displayed and Ava and Gracie summed up the experience, saying, “We all had good fun and learnt lots.”