Boarders’ Masterchef at Belmont School

14 Aug 2013

Boarders at Belmont Preparatory School in Holmbury St Mary near Dorking, enjoyed a week of cooking events as part of their annual ‘Dormchef’ competition. Organised by the school chef, Phil Liberman, this event celebrates and challenges budding chefs’ culinary skills in a variety of ways. Working together with members of their dorm, the boarders were first asked to prepare a traditional cream tea against the clock. This was judged by members of staff and the scores formed the first part of a cumulative total. The next challenge was a taste test and culinary treasure hunt, scouring the beautiful school grounds for clues. Finally, in a scholastic version of TV’s ‘Masterchef’ the boarders worked in their teams to produce a feast. Once all the scores were totted up, the members of the winning dorm were awarded the coveted trophy and the chance to design the evening menu! The whole event proved enormous fun and forms a key fixture in the boarding calendar at the school.