Concerned About Your Child’s Early Years Education? – Greenfields School

09 Jun 2020



The needs of a two-year-old are not the same as those of a three-year-old or a child who is almost four and who is reaching for more than they are being offered. Skills, talents, and individual abilities need to be spotted and cultivated as early as possible and in an environment which doesn’t ‘drown’ them.



Greenfields Nursery and Reception is probably unique in that it offers educational opportunities for each child to:

• flourish as a distinct individual

• become confident and able in skills that underpin education

• make good progress in learning and development

• achieve a good balance between academic progress and pastoral care

• be ready for his or her formal education at the end of his or her year in Reception

• mix with children of all races and creeds

• cover the seven areas of learning

• learn in a classroom that is organised to teach 2s, 3s and ‘rising 4s’  in spaces of their own.

Greenfields has developed separate classrooms for the 2s’, 3s’ and rising 4s’ whilst maintaining the regulatory ratios of staff to children needed to ensure high contact time between teachers and children.

Greenfields uses the Free Entitlement Scheme. Parents then bridge over to paying private school fees when their child turns 5.

These classes offer trial days for new children so that they have an opportunity to sample what the school has to offer.


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