Cottesmore School launches ‘Cottesmore Connected’ webinar series, involving guest speakers – remote learning support for parents

08 May 2020

Cottesmore School is excited to announce the launch of the new ‘Cottesmore Connected’ webinar series.  In recognition of the digital transition all schools will undoubtedly be exploring, Cottesmore have introduced the webinar series which will be accessible to all parents who are supporting their children with remote learning. The inaugural webinar will take place today at 11:30am with the famous and inimitable Sir Anthony Seldon as guest speaker.

Sir Anthony is a leading authority on contemporary British history and education and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. He was formerly Master of Wellington College, one of the world’s most famous independent schools. He is author or editor of over 40 books on contemporary history, politics and education and is the author on, and honorary historical advisor to, Downing Street. The first of these webinars will be short, sharp and thought-provoking, which suit Sir Anthony’s style perfectly.

‘Cottesmore Connected’ webinars are for parents embarking upon this new journey of remote learning and also for those who want to make sense of the new paradigm. The idea was conceived by Cottesmore’s Headmaster, Tom Rogerson, in the last three days of the Lent Term. Mr Rogerson says, “the concept of our webinar series was established whilst living in close quarters with my brother-in-law for the last three weeks. He expressed an interest in receiving moral and practical support with the whole concept of remote learning, from both a macro and a micro viewpoint.” The Headmaster continues, “we hope these webinars will provide parents with a clearer understanding of remote learning and how we can all support our children during these unprecedented times. The webinars are not just for our parents, the invite is extended to the wider parental community”.


To learn more about how to join the ‘Cottesmore Connected’ webinars, please contact