30 Mar 2020

In light of recent unprecedented events, Cottesmore School has embraced the new challenges that it has been presented with and, with a focus on the school community, the teaching team have responded with an entirely digital learning programme for all children which is accessible online.

This new online learning programme has been adopted by both the Cottesmore team and children, who are now able to attend their virtual lessons via video link with an interactive live messenger system in place to put forward questions to their teachers. The children are also enjoying live lessons from farm school.

Headmaster of Cottesmore School, Tom Rogerson says “I am incredibly proud of the team for their dedication to our children and their learning during these uncertain times. With their quick implementation, our new digital learning resource has provided all of our families with a seamless transition from classroom to distance learning” he continues “having already received so many positive and heart-warming messages from our parental community, we hope by reacting as quickly as we have done, we can provide our families with an element of stability in what is an ever changing situation for us all.”

Cottesmore has delivered a normal timetable online for the remainder of the Easter term to all children. With this programme in place, Cottesmore will continue to lead the change with positivity and creativity for its entire community.