30 Mar 2020

Cottesmore School have unveiled the first Prep school ‘e-sport tournament’. In light of recent events, and with all sporting fixtures cancelled for the remainder of the Easter Term, this digital tournament invites all local Prep schools that Cottesmore would typically face on the playing fields to an online tournament of football.

Cottesmore have invested in multiple gaming stations for the children to compete live with other Prep schools on days when sporting fixtures would ordinarily take place. The tournament will be an 8-stage knockout FIFA tournament. Games and activities play a significant role for all children at Cottesmore, it is not only a wonderful way for all children to learn and socialise with their peers but it is also an important mechanism in enhancing a team building ethos. With the introduction of this digital e-sport tournament, Cottesmore hope to maintain the sense of camaraderie and healthy competition with other Prep schools in the county.

Headmaster of Cottesmore School, Tom Rogerson, said, “much of what makes Cottesmore great, lies within the confines of our grassy, chalked-lined fields and fluttering corner flag, but we really must move with the times. Especially at the moment, we all have a responsibility to be creative”.

To join Cottesmore and the other Prep schools by getting involved, or for more information on the e-sport tournament, please contact: .