We are delighted to welcome back some of our pupils! – Leehurst Swan

14 Jul 2020

Unprecedented times always bring unforeseen challenges but with great challenge comes great opportunity, and we have seen this at Leehurst Swan School. It has been our pleasure to support the children of keyworkers with continuity of learning in school from Day 1 of lockdown, enabling our parents who are NHS frontline workers to focus on saving lives, safe in the knowledge their children are being educated and looked after for as long as is required.

We have missed not having the children in school as lessons have been delivered via remote learning with very little disruption to the pupils’ timetable, as the School’s dedicated teaching staff have striven to ensure that absence of school does not equate to an absence of high-quality and engaged learning. As the Government’s lockdown guidance has changed, the school has responded promptly to invite identified pupils back into school and new, socially distanced routines. Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 were the first to return, followed by the Year 10 and next week we look forward to welcoming back our Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 pupils.  In a school that prides itself on supporting children to ‘Find their Voice’, it is wonderful to have our hearts lifted by the sound of one-way corridors and socially distanced classrooms filled once again with children’s chatter, laughter and energy.