Education Perfect Global Championships – Belmont School

19 May 2023

St Swithun’s Modern Foreign Languages Department celebrates outstanding results in Education Perfect Global Championships

St Swthun's independent day and boarding school in HampshireThe Modern Foreign Languages Department at St Swithun’s is thrilled to announce an exceptional performance in the Education Perfect Global Championships. Out of 2,532 schools worldwide, St Swithun’s finished 44th, a remarkable achievement for the students and faculty alike.  

The department’s exceptional students, Isabella E (L6) and Eloise C (U4), demonstrated outstanding dedication and skill by achieving the coveted elite award. Isabella ranked 125th and Eloise 205th in the individual global rankings, with both students scoring over 10,000 points in the competition. 

The Modern Languages Department also congratulates the students who secured a total of 55 awards across all years, ranging from credit to bronze, silver, gold and emerald. This remarkable achievement reflects the hard work and perseverance of the students, who have worked tirelessly to excel in the competition.  


Speaking about the achievement, Head of German Anne Steer, said, “We are thrilled with our results in the Education Perfect Global Championships. Our students have worked exceptionally hard to achieve their awards, and we are incredibly proud of them. The competition has demonstrated the dedication and hard-working attitude of our students, and we are confident that this achievement will inspire them to continue to excel in their language studies.” 


St Swithun’s School