Epsom College Public Speaking Competition – Oakhyrst Grange School

11 May 2020

Jacob, Arya and I were chosen for the Public Speaking competition at Epsom College this year. We had practised a lot with Mrs Leyshon and Miss Dance accompanied us on the day itself.  As the Oakhyrst Orators, we were fourth to perform.  The title of our speech was “Let’s eat, Grandma!” and it was about the importance of punctuation. There were quite a few jokes in our speech and everyone laughed in the right places!

All the teams were very good, and I was glad I wasn’t one of the judges. Our feedback was excellent, and I was thrilled to receive the prize for “Best Chair”. We were later told that we had come very close indeed to winning the whole thing as a group, so we were very pleased with our performance. Well done to Jacob and Arya too. We all did amazingly.

Healy D, Year 5