Flo’s 21 mile swim for Malawi !

20 Nov 2013

Lancing College pupil Florence Margaroli, aged 15, has successfully completed an epic challenge in the school’s swimming pool.

She swam a staggering 1,344 lengths in the 25m pool (that is 33,600 metres, or 20.88 miles) – the equivalent of crossing the English Channel. An awesome achievement.

On completing this feat, Florence said, ‘I found it incredibly challenging, but I knew that every length was going to make a difference’

This remarkable swim is just one of Flo’s fund-raising initiatives to raise the necessary £3,000 to ensure her place on the College’s 15th Malawi Expedition in 2014

Donations are still coming in, and Flo will donate all surplus funds to the Malawi foster home, Rose’s House.

Pupils from Lancing College have visited the central East African country of Malawi biennially, since 1982, and their expeditions have raised tens of thousands of pounds for the hospital and children’s homes where they have worked.

This year, Lancing is embarking on a new venture: the direct sponsorship of Rose’s House and the four boys who live there: Aubrey, Moses, Norman and Wilson. Rose’s House is run by Open Arms, a charity caring for orphaned and abandoned children.


Photo : Florence Margaroli, having completed her epic swim