Former ‘Dyslexic’ Graduates with Honours…

12 Oct 2012

When I arrived at Greenfields, I was not very interested, academically speaking.

I enjoyed mucking around but I did not much care for working. This may have had something to do with the fact that I had been labelled ‘dyslexic’, which caused me to think that I could not do too well in my exams, so why bother?

But when I walked into Greenfields, it was different. No one saw me as dyslexic. Rather, they saw that I could do well. Getting me to realise that took a little bit longer.

The small classes helped as the teachers could concentrate on helping all the students with their individual weaknesses. The teachers themselves were and are friendly and understanding and this encouraged me to be more confident. I began to ask more questions and to really understand what I was studying. This applied to any and all subjects.

I began to be more and more fascinated by Biology and began to really enjoy the lessons. This has led me to select my career – I will be going to Bangor University to study Marine Biology. That’s a long way for me to come from not really giving the subject a second thought.

My time here at Greenfields has also taught me to believe in my own abilities and not to listen when someone says that I cannot do something. My increasing success academically boosted my confidence and that increase in confidence in turn helped me to do better academically. I just got better and better! Using the Study Technology* meant that barriers to learning melted away.

Photo: Fred Parffrey – Graduate with Honours 2012

*The technology applied by Greenfields developed by Educator L. Ron Hubbard™ to solve problems relating to studying and being able to learn and retain what one has learned.