Forres Sandle Manor – Y7 and Y8 pupils had a day of being ‘Elevate’-d!

27 Mar 2020

Elevate – a group who specialise in presenting on study skills made their fourth visit to FSM to deliver three more Elevate sessions. Following the usual format, she delivered the second session for our present Year 7s and Year 8s but this time she also offered a ‘Study Skills’ session to FSM parents.

During the parental session, our presenter Megan began by discussing Time Management and creating effective Study Schedules. Megan’s Top Tip in this area was to plan the fun / relaxing activities in first. Then she talked about the impact of Stress on academic performance and Motivation (including getting careers advice) so goals are clear. She underlined the importance of taking breaks to maintain Focus. Finally, Megan discussed Distractions (use of music / tech / app blockers) and the importance of sleep.

“My two children are so different … listening to everything you have said I can hear how one is so much more efficient at revision (because of their personality) than the other!”

Megan agreed with my philosophy that once a child has a clear goal they become highly motivated. Ask the question: What is the reason for this task? Megan’s top tip in this area was to use a checklist to feel productive and work towards a reward or break. Megan asked us to consider if the children know what work to do in each subject area.

“Megan was really enthusiastic, which really helped when she was explaining about how to prepare.” Dan.

Megan explained there are three phases to effective exam / test preparation:

  1. Note-Taking
  2. Memorisation
  3. Practice Papers

Megan went into more detail about each of these areas with the children in their presentations.

Please ask your child about their session and consider how you can support them, it is really powerful to hear the messages about effective preparation from parents as well as teachers.

“Really interesting … practical tips that everyone could use.” Duncan Humphreys.

“Particularly useful as our CE Mocks are coming up. Clear advice on how to revise effectively.” Harry.

Visit the Elevate site: HERE (if prompted, use the password: rondo) to gain access to a wide range of resources to support your child. Megan’s final top tip was to read the article, ‘The Science of Student Success’.

Written by: Mr Peak