From Brazil to London, my experience taking A-Levels with Kings

24 May 2022

From Brazil to London, my experience taking A-Levels with Kings

Meet Rafalea from Brazil! Rafaela is taking 3 A-levels with the goal of going on to study Economics at Bocconi University in Italy. We recently caught up with her to find out more about her experience at Kings.

Hi Rafaela, what made you decide to come to the UK to study, and why did you choose Kings specifically?

Ever since I was twelve years old I knew that I wanted to study abroad, I have a sense of self-improvement and an urge to seek out a better education. I come from a third world country, Brazil, and the education over there isn’t the best. That was my motivation to branch out to better my knowledge. I did study in Canada for a while but it wasn’t a good fit.

From your experience so far, what would you say are the best things about Kings?

The best experience so far is the way the teachers at Kings go above and beyond for students like me. I feel as though because the classroom sizes are extremely different to what I am used to in Brazil, the one to one with a teacher was very foreign to me because our classroom had 30 students max.

What courses are you taking and what are you enjoying most about it?

The courses I chose to do is Politics, Economics, and Maths. The reason I chose these subjects is I want to study Economics at university; I was happy Kings offered Politics as well because those two subjects overlap, and I wanted to be as knowledgeable as I can.

What are your plans for university and beyond that, for your future career?

I’ve applied for a university in Milan Italy called Bocconi University to study Economics and International Affairs. As for my future career, I don’t have a solidified plan as of yet but I want to maybe be a consultant.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?

I would really recommend coming to Kings because the teachers are very accommodating and very understanding. They go above and beyond for any inconvenience one may have. It’s a brilliant place to make friends and lifelong memories.

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