From Intensive English to International Business Foundation in London – Kings London

10 Jun 2020

Kings London independent college London

Davide Alesi, from Italy, took Diploma of Intensive English at Kings London from October 2017 to January 2019, with a three-month summer break.

He is now on the International Business Foundation course but we spoke to him towards the end of his English course to find out about his time in London so far.

Hi Davide, which English course did you take and what were your lessons like?

General Intensive course! Very good lessons and teachers as well.

I’ve had several teachers — at Level 5, Beata and Alex T, Level 6 Andy, for FCE Sam T and Josh. Now I have Alex L in Level 7 and Beata. My afternoon class teachers for Business and Finance were Andy, Alex and Rachel. In Listening and Speaking I had Sam.

Why did you decide to take this course?

I decided to take this course because I already know about this topic and I would like to understand more about that, by talking with a variety of people, in order to have a good career, even though I still don’t know which type of job I could apply for.

What made you choose Kings London?

I wanted to go to an English-speaking place to learn better, and English is the most important language in my opinion. I chose London because it’s the capital and my agency recommended Kings to me. I contacted ESL to come here and I was really surprised when I arrived! Very kind staff.

Since when I was a child my teachers have been telling me that I should have gone abroad to learn the languages because I had and still have amazing skills! I really like Beckenham, and obviously London!

Where did you stay?

I stayed in two host families, the first one from October to May near The Spa at Beckenham (leisure centre near the school) and now I will be staying from September to June in New Beckenham. I have never had any problems with the family!

What do you think about the school facilities?

I think the facilities are awesome, especially the use of the electronic whiteboard. The reception is always ready to help you in the first case of need! Amazing Director! Very good food, thanks to a great Chef. No drawbacks!

Which activities or excursions did you take part in?

I used to go to London every Tuesday and it was so exciting, especially because you can meet new people from different countries talking one language. Multiculturalism, this is the most beautiful thing about London!

At the moment, I just go to play football on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m not going to other trips because I’m very busy studying for CAE exam but I always join in trips (Thursday and Friday) organised by Kings and they are so good!

Did you discover any good places to shop/ eat/ explore while you were in London?

I discovered a lot of places! The first time that I live abroad for such long time! Piccadilly Circus for the nightlife, Leicester Square for food and Oxford Street and Bromley for shopping. Very good atmosphere in Hyde Park, Camden Town and the Museum of London Docklands. I obviously know some amazing Italian Restaurants in Beckenham and Penge! It’s just the city, fantastic.

Was this was your first visit to the UK, was it what you expected?

I had already visited Brighton, I studied there and it was quite good. The best things were Brighton Pier and Fish & Chips.

Before that, when I thought about London, I did not know what to think about, even though I went there 4 years ago, but it was completely different. At present, I‘m used to living here and there are no words to describe London — like another life for me, compared to Italy!

Would you recommend London as a destination for other students?

I strongly recommend London to everyone — kids, teenagers and adults! Maybe it will be the best city in the world if I have to be honest, but if you really want to enjoy the life, just come here. I met so many people, maybe too many, like heaven!

Have you done any examinations? How did they go?

I took FCE on 16th March and I got 151, I just missed a pass because of my reading! And I’ll do CAE on the 15th December.

How much do you think you have improved?

A lot! Here after a month I understood everything that would have taken me a year to learn in Italy.

How have you found things like one-to-one progress tutorials?

My teachers have helped me so much and are always encouraging me to improve and telling me what to focus on.

Have you attended many lectures or joined many clubs? How did you find them?

I went to many lectures, especially when I took FCE in March and now, before I will take CAE in December! Things like IELTS Writing, tips and past tenses.

What are your plans after Kings?

As a conclusion, I have to say that I still don’t have clear feelings about my future, but I have time to contemplate! I would like to become a disc jockey — it has been my dream job since when I was a child even if I have never practised! I always listen to music, when I am doing my homework as well, because it helps me a lot to focus on the work.

But it sounds like a hobby, so I would like to become a translator or an employee who works for Personnel and Administration in a firm. I’m going to start International Business Foundation here in January.

My parents told me that I can stay for more than three years, but with important and useful results for the rest of my life. Just be strong and never give up!