Grand opening of Loretto Pre-School

24 Jul 2020

Loretto School launched its new Pre-School on Monday, 2 September 2019. Mr. Peter McCutcheon, Chair of Board of Governors, was delighted to cut the ribbon, and open the doors of the newly refurbished facility, specially designed for the education of children aged 3 to 5. Selected, experienced teaching staff will welcome the first intake of Loretto Pre-Schoolers from Tuesday, 3 September.

Mr. Andrew L. Dickenson, Head of the Junior School, is looking forward to this first Academic Year of the Pre-School, with the new facility being set at the heart of the Junior campus: ‘Our Pre-School is a natural extension of the approach we take to learning at Loretto. We believe that a structured, teacher-led, Pre-School provision can translate children’s natural curiosity into valuable learning and skills development, from an early age. This will inspire in them a lifelong love of challenge and achievement. Safe within the school’s grounds, and with a wide range of bespoke facilities, the education provided by the Pre-School is the perfect introduction to the rich curriculum offered by the school from Year 1 and beyond’

Dr. Graham R. W. Hawley, Headmaster, commented: ‘Loretto’s aim is to know and nurture children. With young children, especially, it is vital that a close bond is built between families and the school, to give children the confidence to establish their character as individuals. Our new Pre-School environment presents and promotes this personalised approach to learning. We are a small school, and our new Pre-School will be true to our ethos; with small class sizes, and high quality, qualified teachers, we are able to facilitate learning and teaching in creative and engaging ways.’

Prospective families will get the opportunity to discover the new Pre-School during our Junior School’s Open Day, on Saturday, 5 October. Click on the links below to:

For more information and queries, please contact our Admissions team at or on 0131 653 4455.