Students celebrate stellar GCSE results – Heathfield School

09 May 2020

GCSE results. Across the board, 45% of grades received by Heathfield students were in the top 9-7/A*-A category. Core subjects continued to impress, with a 100% pass in Maths and English Language and 32% of girls securing a 9-7/A*-A in Maths, 78% gaining a 9-6/A*AB in English Language and 72% 9-7/A*-A in English Literature. In addition, 4 girls who took their Maths GCSE a year early attained straight 9s/A*s and will now move on to Further Maths GCSE.

Heathfield students proved their ability to shine in all areas of the curriculum, excelling in both the arts and sciences. An incredible 85% of Art students attained 9- 7s, whilst History saw an impressive 83% of students secure 9-7s. Every student taking Physics achieved a 9 or 8, whilst Chemistry saw every student earn a 9-7. Other subjects attaining the highest grade bracket of 9-7 included English Literature and Religious Studies, with 72% and 83% respectively.

Leading the charge for her high-achieving cohort was Head Girl Minty, who set the bar high with a brilliant set of results – six 9s and three 8s (a full set of A* equivalents). Fellow student Imaan (House Captain) gained 1 9, five 8s and three 7s  (all A/A* equivalents) and Lila’s hard work paid off as she secured three 9s, three 8s, two 7s and a 6.

Commenting on the results, Marina Gardiner Legge, Headmistress and Oxford Graduate, said, “Our students have truly surpassed themselves with this year’s excellent GCSE results, which are a testament to each and every girl’s commitment and dedication as well as the support and encouragement of our staff and parents – congratulations! “

These outstanding achievements reflect the rich mix of subjects offered to our Year 10 and 11 students, providing them with a diverse and inspiring education that allows their interests and fortes to shine – whether these lie in academic study, sport, the arts, sciences or business. Our positive culture of encouragement helps nurture life skills like resilience, self-belief and ambition – central to success in today’s fastpaced society. I am also really proud that the ‘Added Value’ measure has hit an all time high score with results for every exam taken being at least one grade higher than similar pupils elsewhere. In fact, five pupils across their full range of GCSEs each scored over 15 grades higher than expected based on statistical predictions. That’s because the stories behind these grades are bigger than the pieces of paper on which they are printed. Character and confidence lead to achievement. Our girls have faced obstacles and challenges along the way, but with true Heathfield spirit have persevered – and I know that this resilience, work ethic and determination will stay with them for life.

With GCSEs under their belt, Heathfield students are now looking forward to moving into the school’s Sixth Form – soon to be housed in a £1.5m state-of-the-art new Sixth Form Study Centre after it received planning permission earlier this year.