Howell’s Students STEAM Ahead To Become Creative Innovators

26 Aug 2022

On GCSE Results Day at Howell’s School, Llandaff GDST, students achieved outstanding results in the STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Maths—subjects.

On the Higher Mathematics paper, 96% of all grades were A*-A, and in Product Design, 80% achieved A*-A.  In Biology, 79% achieved an 8 or 9 (A* equivalent), in Chemistry 82% of all grades were an 8 or 9, and in Physics 72% of all grades were an 8 or 9.

STEAM is an educational approach that incorporates the arts into the more-familiar STEM model, which includes science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Encouraging students to study the Arts alongside science subjects is shown to increase the happiness and well-being of students. From a business perspective, the major payoffs include better problem-solving skills and increased creativity and innovation.

Across the board, results at Howell’s were excellent—an impressive 60% of all GCSE grades were at Level 9 & 8 or A*, with a combined Level 9, 8, 7/A*- A rate of 75%.

Principal of Howell’s, Sally Davis said: “This is a fabulous set of GCSE results. After more than two years of disruption to their education, these students have excelled academically, with an outstanding set of results to put alongside their equally exceptional achievements in music, sport, drama and a whole range of other activities and interests. It’s onwards and upwards for the girls at Howell’s! Well done, everyone.”