ISA U11 London South Netball Tournament – Oakhyrst Grange School

11 May 2020

On Monday 2nd March 2020 the Year 6 girls’ went to Lingfield School to play a netball tournament.

Our first match was against Deep Dean School.  Oakhyrst luckily scored 2 fabulous goals making the end score 2-0 to Oakhyrst.  Rosemead School, this school was very hard, we managed to score one goal, but Rosemead managed to score 3 goals, so the end score was 3-1, Oakhyrst lost.  The Mead, this was the hardest school, we tried our best and scored one goal but the Mead managed to score four goals, the end score was 4-1.  Western Green, our next opponents were just as good as us and we drew 2-2.  Against Annon House we played very well and we passed the ball down to the net many times and scored 3 times, the final score was 3-0.  Oakfield School were a very skilled team who knew lots of passes and despite Oakhyrst’s wonderful playing we lost 3-0.  Radnor House were very good too but we beat them 1-0.  Lingfield was a tight game but after a long 8 minutes it was 0-0.  Royal Russell were really good and beat us 3-0 by having lots of great attempts.  Our last team was St David’s Prep they were very good and tactical but Oakhyrst played really well and we beat them 1-0.

The whole team would like to thank Miss Harrington and Mrs Pumphrey for helping to coach and for taking us to the tournament.  We would also like to thank the Lingfield staff for a great and exciting day of playing netball.