Kilgraston alumnae wins Sword for Sport award

29 Jul 2020

Former Kilgraston girl, Katie Stott, has been awarded the Abertay Sword for Sport Award 2020.


Katie left Kilgraston in 2017 to study Biomedical Science at Abertay University. This year Katie was awarded the Abertay Sword for Sport award, virtually presented by BBC Radio and television presenter, John Beattie, alongside BBC weather presenter, Judith Ralston. You can watch the presentation video here.

After Katie’s season was cut short due to the coronavirus, this fantastic achievement has been much needed boost. We caught up with Katie to find out a little bit more.

How does it feel to have won the Sword for Sport award?

It feels amazing to have won this award because I really didn’t expect to win it as there are many talented athletes at Abertay. This award has given me more confidence as a player and has motivated me to want to push for a Scotland cap soon. The message I received from John Beattie was really inspirational and I was thankful to hear such kind words from him. Unfortunately Abertay had to cancel the sports ball which was where I would have received the trophy but I’m sure there will be another opportunity to have it presented to me.

What have been the highlights over the past (short!) season for you?

The season at Abertay has been the most successful season so far in the 3 years I have played. We won the league title, meaning we have been promoted and hopefully will do well if we get a chance to. Not only did we win, we were unbeaten the whole season which is great. We won the BUCS cup final vs Glasgow University 3s which was another highlight of the season. Thankfully we managed to play all the games for this season and had the chance to celebrate at the time.

How did Kilgraston support you in your sporting ventures?

Kilgraston has taught me how beneficial it is to play in a team sport. At school, I loved playing with all the girls and it allowed me to socialise and meet people that I might not have spoken to if I wasn’t on the team. I was captain of the 1sts at Kilgraston and this has taught me how to be a good leader. At university, socialising is a huge part and being on a hockey team has given me opportunities to spend time with lots of different people. I have made friends for life which I am very grateful for. Next season I have been selected as captain which I am very excited before because I love being a leader. Kilgraston has taught me that it is so important to include everyone and make sure girls are feeling apart of the team. When I first started playing at Abertay, all the girls were so welcoming and so that has made me very conscious of making sure girls enjoy playing for us.

What is next for you?

I am heading into my final year of biomedical science and I hope to get a good degree so I can study a masters. In my final year I hope I can lead the team well as a captain. My aim for the team is if we get a chance to play that we maintain our place in the league as the games will be a lot harder I presume. Outside of university hockey, I am hoping to gain my first outdoor cap for the Scotland senior team as that would be amazing and will be worth the hard work I have put in over the years.

Katie is just another example of our girls going on to achieve incredible things in life after Kilgraston. We are extremely proud of our alumnae, and want to take this opportunity to congratulate Katie on this fantastic achievement and wish her all the best for the future.