Kilgraston’s Exam Results 2022

31 Aug 2022

Kilgraston School celebrated exam success with the release of the 2022 results. An impressive 70% of pupils achieved a Grade A at National 5 level. This is compared to a national average of 40.3% at the same level with 59% of pupils in this year group obtaining five A’s or more and a quarter achieving nine A’s or more.

At Advanced Higher and Higher level, ver three quarters of pupils achieved a Grade A or B and the results show Kilgraston’s broad breadth of subject strength. In Modern Languages, 100% achieved a Grade A in Advanced Higher French, Advanced Higher Spanish and Higher German. In the Expressive Art subjects, 100% of Higher Music pupils achieved a Grade A, 100% of Higher Drama pupils achieved a Grade A or B and 100% of Advanced Higher pupils achieved a Grade A or B in Art.

It is not only in the humanities subjects Kilgraston pupils wowed, with STEM subjects mirroring these strong results. In Higher Computing, for example, 100% of pupils achieved a Grade A. Across the science subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Kilgraston pupils are smashing gender stereotypes. In physics, a subject in which traditionally girls underperform, 100% of pupils achieved a Grade A or B at Advanced Higher level with 84% achieving Grade A or B at Higher level. Additionally, 80% of pupils achieved a Grade A at Advanced Higher level Chemistry and 81% obtained a Grade A or B in Higher Biology.

Kilgraston Headteacher, Mrs Tanya Davie, said: “I am immensely proud of all of our pupils for their hard work and dedication. As a teacher and a Headteacher, I completely understand that the past two years has made for a challenging academic environment for pupils all over Scotland. I am delighted for our pupils and their outstanding results across such an enormous variety of subjects, it is really impressive. I would also like to congratulate all school pupils around Scotland today on their exam results and I hope they are reaping the rewards of their hard work.”