Kings Bournemouth: taking part in the European Youth Parliament

24 May 2022

Recently, one of our students, Daniel Buna, from Albania, took part in the European Youth Parliament. We were able to catch up with him and find out about his experiences and the impact they are having on his time at Kings Bournemouth.

Hi Daniel, what made you choose Kings Bournemouth?

I chose Kings for the opportunity for my goals and ambitions to be supported, and to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve these goals. Moving to a new country on my own presented a challenge, which I was able to overcome. This helped me to become more independent and take further steps in my personal development.

What subjects are you taking? Which one is your favourite?

I am taking Economics, History, and Psychology A-levels. Out of all of them, I would say that Economics has proven to be my favourite one. This is because it is very applicable in real life and combines theory with practice in a unique way.

How does Kings help you to achieve your university ambitions?

“I believe that Kings has helped me to further define what I want to study at University. They have helped me reevaluate my priorities when it comes to which university I would like to study at, to better fit with my career ambitions and the type of education I would like to have.”

Recently you went to the European Youth Parliament, what did you get up to?


I had the chance to preside over the South East Regional Forum of the European Youth Parliament United Kingdom, which took place in London on the 4th of March. At this forum, delegates from different schools in the United Kingdom had the chance to partake in constructive parliamentary-like debates on focal European issues that affect our societies and communities. My role as the President was to moderate the discussions and maintain the procedure of the General Assembly.

How did you end up getting to take part in this experience?

I became involved in the European Youth Parliament around two years ago in Albania when I first participated in one of the events as a delegate. I was immediately taken aback by how enlightening it was to meet new people from all over Europe and to experience new cultures and world views. I found out about EYP through social media, and from that moment onward continued to be actively involved in the network.

How do you think being a part of the European Youth Parliament will help you with your future ambitions and goals?

I think that EYP has already helped me quite a lot in reaching my future ambitions and goals. Aside from improving my English skills and knowledge of different cultures and people, the EYP helped me become a more confident, independent, and responsible individual. It also equipped me with valuable knowledge about European legislation, and politics and knowledge about active citizenship and policy-making. As an aspiring Law student, the experiences with EYP have proven to motivate me further to complete my studies, and maybe one day, effect real change in my community.

What did you learn from the experience that will help you in your continued studies with Kings Bournemouth?

Some of the things I have learned from the experience that have helped me, and I believe will continue to help me in my studies at Kings are academic writing and the importance of responsibility. Furthermore, through EYP, I have learned to be tolerant and curious about new concepts and keep an open mind when it comes to learning new things, which I believe is vital to truly grasp the topics at hand during our A-Level studies. EYP has taught me to be more independent, which is a hard thing to wrap your mind around when you take the step from secondary education to A-Levels.

What would you say to others students that are thinking of getting involved in extracurricular activities outside of school?

To the students that are thinking of getting involved in extracurricular activities, I would say, do it. It never hurts to just try and experience something new, which you can always discontinue if it is not your thing. What I would say from my personal experience is that, while formal education teaches you a lot and changes you as a person, through these types of experiences and informal education, you learn things that you would never have the chance to by just normally going to school and pursuing higher education.

“When you get to apply the knowledge that you have learned through school and delve into it, even more, you acquire a new point of view that may prove to help choose what you want to study at University and do later on in life.”

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