Kit Car Champions – Bromsgrove School

04 Aug 2021

It had been quite a while since the Senior School DT race car nicknamed ‘The Chicken’ was let loose on a track in the UK and Bromsgrove’s team of ten students had been working on the car since September with the hope that they would get an opportunity to race. Finally, at the end of the Summer Term, the team were able to roll out the newly shaped and liveried Greenpower car onto the Croft race circuit in Yorkshire.

The day was separated into four twenty-minute races with a driver change in-between each.  The car raced as a whole group (Kitcars, F24, F24+ and F24+ Kitcar series) for all four races; after some early glitches soon sorted out by the team and the staff supporting them, both the team and the car performed amazingly well and looked extremely strong for all four races..

Covering an overall distance of 33.57 miles across the four races, our team came first placed Kitcar and fourth overall.  The second place Kitcar was over nine miles behind Bromsgrove’s, which is equivalent to approximately eight laps.

The students were incredibly diligent on the day and were very proud to walk away with another track success under their belts.  A special thank you should go out to the team’s two current sponsors Mark 3d and 4QD.