Languages Day – King’s St Alban’s

15 May 2020

outfits and in assembly 6KB shared some excellent reasons why learning a foreign language is so important in today and tomorrow’s world.

Once again, the teachers excelled at finding a creative range of language and cultural activities for the children to explore. Mrs Kilbey was very impressed by all the children’s willingness to engage, participate and push themselves outside their comfort zones. Pre-prep children travelling around the building to learn numbers and greeting from Spain, Germany, Italy and Greece, whilst the highlight was the breaktime café français with croissants et pain au chocolat – délicieux! Year 5 and 6 were treated to un spectacle manifique in the theatre. Talented French entertainer Dan Roro performed le bistrot and the children roared with laughter whilst expanding their French vocabulary. Flamenco, sign language, binary code were all served up and we were also delighted to welcome some brave KSW year 11 students who came to share their passion for Spanish and German. Winners of the flag treasure hunt were suitably rewarded, and the celebrations and memories of the day will have a positive impact on learning over the coming months.