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  • Category: Senior / Sixth Form
  • Pupils: Co-Education
  • Type: Day & Boarding
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Roll: 115 (Boys) 115 (Girls)
  • Age Range: 15-19 years
  • Founded: 2017

Open Days

We have regular Open Days in the Autumn and Spring Terms. As personalized, independent schools we understand that our students and their families are concerned to ensure they have the most appropriate environment and study plan to meet their individual circumstances. We offer all students the opportunity to come for an individual consultation to discuss their specific circumstances, meet the Principal and other key staff and have a tour of the college. Please contact us to arrange your individual appointment.


We provide a range of GCSE, A-level, Year 12 transfer, Art and Design Foundation and International Foundation Programmes and Language Courses for day and boarding students. September and January start dates.

2020/2021 UK student fees

2 year A-Level course and Medical Foundation course: each £27,180 per annum.

For full details of please see: or contact the college

2020/2021 International student fees

For full details please see: or contact the college

2020/2021 Accommodation fees.

Student Residence: £11,630 - £14,573 per annum. Student Houses: £11,967 per annum. Homestay: £7,615 - £10,284 per annum.

School Contact Details

Kings Brighton
27-33 Ditchling Road
East Sussex

[t]: 01273 443403

Location Description

Kings Brighton is proud to take its place in the heart of Brighton, overlooking The Level, a Green Flag park on the Valley Gardens corridor. It is a vibrant, convenient area of the city, close to the major transport links. When you are a student here, all of Brighton is right on your doorstep. The Level is a beautiful green expanse, where students will be able to relax and join the many music, sports and other community events held there.

To send an email to the school please fill in your details below and add a short message. If you are requesting a prospectus to be sent to you please include your postal address.

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School News

Kings Brighton independent College East Sussex

We are thrilled to announce that Kings Brighton was voted ‘School of the Year’ at the 2019 ESL Language Travel Awards, as well

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as winning first place in the ‘School Facilities of the Year’ category. In the ‘School Group of the Year’ category, Kings was also awarded third place.

ESL are a respected agency chain headquartered in Switzerland, with over 50 offices across Europe and Latin America. They have over 20 years’ experience sending many thousands of students abroad per year, and are incredibly well-respected across the industry for their high standards and professionalism.

This years awards ceremony was held in November in Sitges, Spain, and was attended by industry professionals and representatives from over 80 of ESL’s partner schools around the world. The awards are given based on a ranking of scores which combines direct feedback from ESL students and ESL staff over the last 12 months.

The ‘School of the Year’ and ‘School Facilities of the Year’ awards were presented to the Kings Brighton team in a ceremony at the school last week. Kings Director, Andrew Hutchinson, praised the whole team — teaching, welfare, accommodation, activities, management — for their dedication and hard work to win these prestigious votes, and Director of Studies, Stephen Pilton, was presented with the two awards surrounded by the whole Kings Brighton team and a number of current students.

Thank you to all our friends at ESL for their positive feedback and continued support, and we look forward to a continuing successful partnership in 2020 and beyond.

Kings Brighton independent College East Sussex

We recently caught up with Yuya Hayashi who is currently studying one-year intensive A-levels at Kings Brighton. Yuya is British/Japanese and has lived

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in both countries. He recently returned to the UK to prepare his application to leading UK Medical Schools.

As part of his preparation Kings assisted him to identify relevant opportunities for medical work experience. We were delighted to hear about his incredible experience, which included being present at the birth of a baby!

Hi Yuya. What are you studying here in Kings Brighton?

I came to the UK about six months ago and I am studying the intensive one-year A-level course. I’m studying Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

As it is intensive, it’s not easy to deal with all of the tests and learn, but I think I’m handling it and I am now preparing for my final A-level exams.

Are you planning to go to university next year?

Yes I hope so. I haven’t decided yet whether I should take a gap year or go to university this year, but I want to challenge myself in the UK.

What are you hoping to study?

Well, when I came to the UK I had a strong vision of studying Medicine, but after this six months’ experience I began for the first time in my life to ask whether it is truly my dream to become a doctor and study medicine.

I think I found my answer through doing work experience at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital.

Did Kings help you arrange this work experience placement?

Oh yes, very much so. The Enrichment Coordinator John Murphy introduced me to this place and at first I wasn’t sure if I could work there, or what it was going to be, but after I finished the work placement I felt happy and satisfied.

What did you have to do to get this work experience?

First, I went into the hospital website and clicked on the page about volunteering and work experience. There are many departments where you can gain work experience and I wanted to specify Paediatrics.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Paediatrics department but there was Neonatology department. I applied and got in online. It’s not as formal or long as the UCAS personal statement but you have to write why you want to volunteer. It wasn’t that hard to do the application process, you just follow the instructions. I got help from the school too.

How long was the placement?

It was for three days. They arranged it to start on 25th March. I was hoping it would start at 9.00am but they asked me to go there for 8.00 am and change into scrubs, and I finished at 5.00pm. I got used to the early starts!

What was the experience like?

Well Neonatology is a department for infants who were born before they were expected to be, so weren’t fully matured.

Most infants were in incubators and I was kind of expecting that if I went to this department I could hold the babies, in a peaceful atmosphere. It’s absolutely different from that. All the babies were in incubators and there were about ten or more altogether in the room, which was called Nursery 1.

In the department there are three rooms. Nursery 1 is for infants who have serious symptoms or who need extra care, while Nursery 2 is less severe and Nursery 3 is similar to normal babies — probably they are almost ready to go home. In Nursery 1 you see many nurses and duty doctors.

On the first day I remember that in Nursery 1 each incubator was surrounded by technology and machines, which were beeping every five seconds. I thought it was quite noisy and wondered if the infants can rest with this noisy atmosphere. I recognised that doctors took blood samples from the babies to check their health condition. For example, many have a high chance of having jaundice.

Did anything especially interesting happen while you were there?

Yes, one staff member introduced me to a delivery room and I was able to see a mother giving birth to her child. It was quite amazing! I was surprised when the baby came out and I saw the umbilical cord. I was expecting it would be red or pink, but it was totally blue and purple and it seemed like it was made of plastic! I couldn’t believe that the human body could produce that! I also saw this baby’s father cutting the umbilical cord, which again was quite amazing. I thought it was an emotional moment.

I think working in Neonatology or the delivery suite, that’s the happiest and most enriching experience you might gain.

Another surprising thing for me was that when I imagined this delivery moment, I always thought that mothers would scream or cry out, but it wasn’t like that. The mother was calm and quiet and whilst she was in labour the doctors were laughing and joking — it was a relaxed atmosphere. I was surprised that there was music playing. I was shocked to see the blood coming out when she was giving birth though. To see other people’s blood with your own eyes was a different experience to watching movies or TV.

Having this work experience before applying to study medicine is quite an enriching experience I think. It focuses you to think about whether you are suitable or not, and what kind of doctor you want to be.

Had you expected to see an actual birth?

No, I hadn’t expected that! And I didn’t think I’d actually be shadowing junior doctors either. I also attended the big meeting which was held in the mornings at 8.30am and attended by consultants and duty doctors, nurses and x-ray experts too. There were many people talking about each infant and how their health condition has improved, what the doctors had treated so far, and what the future treatment should be.

Through this three-day experience I recognised that they are really professional and that doctors and nurses, each job, is really difficult to understand unless you are trained for a long time. It was surprising to hear that to become a consultant you need at least 10 years of being a duty doctor — that is quite a long period!

Before the work experience you weren’t sure that you’d definitely like to be a doctor. Has it given you a clearer idea about your future plans?

Yes I think so. I think through this work experience I gained a wider view. I always thought that if you became a doctor you’d sit on a chair, meet with a patient and discuss the symptoms, and say what medicine is required. I thought that was the whole job, but this experience made me realise that you need to stick to the patient all the time and you need to work longer than other jobs. You need to be responsible and I thought it is really tiring and stressful work. But I think everyone would have the ability to get used to it.

I was a bit worried about whether I could handle it after doing the three days, but I remembered what one of the duty doctors told me — that she also experienced what I have, but she got used to it. She also told me about difficult times when she started the job, when a child was lost and everyone in the room, including doctors, cried, but that it’s something you do get used to and learn to deal with.

It’s a hard process but in the end I really thought about this many times, about whether I should be a doctor, if I should be working in something other than medicine, but in the end I thought working in the medical field is quite challenging. To go into medical school is really competitive, but working in a hospital is much more strict and intense than getting offers from a medical school. I realised how much responsibility there is working as a doctor or nurse.

The experience widened my life perspective, my thoughts as well and afterwards I thought it is worth challenging myself for this strict and high-level environment.

What did your father say when you told him?

I think he recognised that I’d learnt so much from the experience and that I’d learnt the true picture of how things are.

Has it given you a bit more energy and enthusiasm to get back studying for your final term?

Absolutely. This experience has encouraged me to study more and also revealed that all I knew is a small world. I think I should be experiencing a lot more.

Why did you choose to study in Brighton?

When I decided to take A-levels, I chose the intensive course and it was only offered in London and Brighton. I was born in London and I already stayed there for 8 years so I was interested to stay in another place in the UK. I’d never been to Brighton in my life so I decided to come.

I also heard that Brighton is in the south of the UK, facing the seafront so it is a relaxing place. I thought it would be quite an experience to stay here. I saw the Brighton Marina from the window of the hospital and I bet infants couldn’t see it from their incubators, but as a doctor or nurse, I think when you get tired you can see the sea and it is beautiful.

I think Brighton is the best place to work and study as well.

Is the University of Sussex, in Brighton, one of your choices for university?

Yes, it is.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience?

I would like to say to students who are aiming for medicine or other medical courses, I think any student who is interested should gain this type of work experience.

You won’t feel awkward being alone there — you’re not the only person who is learning in the hospital. Duty doctors and nurses are also learning in their daily work.

The three days were very tiring, I felt very tired, nervous and stressed, but it is worth it.

Kings Brighton independent College East Sussex

2019 was another fantastic year of success for students at Kings, with the majority of our UK academic students having confirmed offers for

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their chosen degrees.

So far, 19 of the current Times & Sunday Times Top 20 UK universities and 23 of the 24 Russell Group universities issued offers to our students.

Offers were received for a huge range of courses. Humanities and arts-based degrees include Art History, Curating, Creative Writing, Politics/Philosophy and Law, and Science and Maths-based degrees include Medicine, Optometry, Nutrition, Neuroscience, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacy and Zoology. Students have also received offers for a range of Business and Economics-based degree courses.

Further highlights are as follows:

A-levels and Advanced Level Foundation

  • Over two thirds of our A-level and Advanced Level Foundation students with offers hold one from a Times & Sunday Times Top 30 university, including the University of Cambridge.
  • 72% of Advanced Level Foundation students with confirmed offers hold at least one from a Russell Group university, including LSE, Durham, and Warwick.

International Business Foundation and Art & Design Foundation

  • Almost half of International Business Foundation students with confirmed offers hold one from a Top 30 university, including Lancaster, Newcastle, East Anglia, Surrey and Royal Holloway.
  • Art Foundation students have received offers from renowned institutions for art and design including UAL, University for the Creative Arts, Kingston University, UWE Bristol and Ravensbourne, for a range of course options including Fashion and Textiles Design, Jewellery Making/ Silversmithing, and Interior Architecture.

We wish all of our students the very best of luck as they approach the end of their academic programmes and wait for confirmation of their final results!Share this story:

Kings Brighton independent day and boarding college East Sussex

At Kings, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, or ‘enrichment’ activities as they are also often known, alongside their

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main academic studies.

These activities range from participating in student councils and committees and nationally-accredited award schemes, to joining clubs and societies. Kings Brighton offers a host of different options including sports clubs such as Basketball, Football, Yoga and Zumba; creative clubs such as Art Club, Life Drawing, Photography and Music clubs; and clubs with a more academic focus such as Business and Current Affairs, Model United Nations and Surviving Uni.

The Enrichment Programme at Kings also enables students to take part in both local and international volunteering and fundraising schemes, and to complete work experience placements if they wish.

There are many benefits that come from involvement in these activities and schemes, some of which are highlighted below.

Developing new skills

Whilst many enrichment options give students the chance to further skills within a specific subject or hobby, such as Maths or Photography, for example, extracurricular activities are also great for developing softer, more transferable skills. These can include skills such as public speaking, working in a team and time management skills.

Developing new interests

One of the great things about the Kings enrichment programme is that it can allow students to explore completely new interests that they wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to. They can also provide a great chance for students to broaden their horizons and their understanding of the world, particularly within the context of school which welcomes international students from a wide range of countries.

Helping students stand out within university and job applications

Extracurricular activities can help ensure students have plenty of evidence to include in both university and job applications that demonstrates they are well-rounded and have plenty of transferrable skills. For example, participation in Student Councils or on the Kings Business Enterprise scheme can show an ability to work as part of a team — or as a successful leader if a leadership position was held — and the determination to achieve goals.

Negin is currently completing a Medical Sciences degree at the University of Leeds. Speaking to us about her experience at Kings, she referenced how useful the enrichment programme had been when it came to applying to university.

“I did Biology club and UKCAT. UKCAT classes really helped me prepare for my UKCAT exam for entering the university. Biology club was more of a fun class that we could do exciting experiments that were not usually part of our study. I was also part of the Student Council. In my first year, I was the head of Charity Committee and the second year I was the secretary. Writing about my responsibilities during this time in my personal statement helped me to show the universities that I have some experience in leadership, which was an essential skill for my course. 

Complementing academic studies with a way to relax

Enrichment activities can often provide a very welcome alternative to the rigours and intensity of academic study. Undertaking activities that complement class-based learning with a more relaxed pace, or which help keep the body fit as well as the mind, can be of huge benefit to our students.

Providing opportunities for socialising

Being a member of a club or committee is a great way to spend more time with peers and make new friends. Given that extracurricular activities may be undertaken with people that students don’t usually interact with, it also offers the potential to meet new people with similar interests and to build friendships outside of the usual circles. This ensures that social networks are widened, and that communication and interpersonal skills are honed.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

The extensive range of opportunities available add to all aspects of students’ personal development and well-being.

“The college offers a range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities, including art, chess, yoga, economics and music, as well as workshops on debating, cinema, study skills and salsa dancing. Trips to the local football ground, museums, food markets and fringe theatre contribute to students’ self-confidence, social skills and community awareness.” Kings Brighton Ofsted Report, 2018.

Kings Brighton independent college East Sussex

2019 is shaping up to be yet another exciting year of success for students at Kings Brighton.

All students benefit from a structured and personally tailored

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University Application Programme. They are supported throughout the whole process by our team of experienced expert academics and counsellors.

Students’ choice of university may be influenced by a range of factors and are encouraged to explore their opportunities in detail. They are assisted to identify the most appropriate degrees and specialist institutions to meet their individual ambitions in their chosen subject and professional areas.

University Offers continue to be confirmed and it is interesting to see the A to Z range of subjects, prestigious universities and leaders in their fields for which our student have already received Offers. These include:


Accounting and Finance; Architecture; Automotive Engineering; Business and Management; Computer Science; Drama, Applied Theatre and Education;  Drama and English; Economics; Education; English Literature and Drama; Fashion Accessory and Textiles Futures; Fashion Design; Fashion Textiles; Fashion Marketing and Management; Illustration Animation; Illustration and Visual Communication; International Business and Management; International Tourism and Hospitality Management; Marketing and Management; Mechanical Engineering; Motorsport Engineering; Neuroscience; Neuroscience with Cognitive Science; Pharmacy (Master of; 4 Years); Photography; Politics and International Relations; Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation Science;  Zoology (with a year abroad) and many more!

Leading and Specialist Universities:

Bath; Birmingham; Brighton; Bristol; Brunel; Coventry; Durham; East Anglia (UEA); Exeter; Istituto Marangoni; Kent; Kings College London (KCL); Kingston; Lancaster; Leeds; Loughborough; Manchester; Newcastle; Queens’s Belfast; Queen Mary; Ravensbourne; Richmond, The American University in London; Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London);  Royal Holloway; Sheffield; Southampton; Surrey; Sussex; University for the Creative Arts (UCA); University College London (UCL) and more!

Kings Brighton independent college East Sussex

Are you looking for opportunities for A-level or Art & Design Foundation studies starting in January 2019?

Contact us now to learn more about how we

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could help you achieve your ambitions.

January 7th start date 2019

Kings Brighton independent College East Sussex

Kings Brighton is a modern, independent college for ambitious students looking for a more yet supportive learning environment and community in which they

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can express their own identity, explore their interests and achieve their ambitions We provide a range of GCSE, A-level, Year 12 transfer, Art and Design Foundation and Easter Revision programmes for Day and Boarding students.

Join us for our Open Day –  Saturday 3rd November 10:00am to 12:00pm

Get to know the college, meet the Principal and learn more about the opportunities at Kings Brighton.

If you are unable to make this date, please contact us and we will arrange an individual appointment with you.

We look forward to meeting you soon and discussing how we might be able to help you achieve your ambitions.

Tel:                       01273 443403



Kings Brighton independent day and boarding school East Sussex

GCSE and A-level results days’ mark significant educational milestones. They are points at which students make personal choices about the next critical stage

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of their journey. An independent sixth form college, such as Kings Brighton, may be the answer.

Kings’ aspiration is always to be student-centred; to place the best interests of each and every student at the core of all they do. Examination grades are one measure of success and Kings students certainly achieve impressive results. Kings 2018 results include:


81% A* – B (9 – 6)

86% A* – C (9 – 4)

48% Grades 9 – 7 in Maths


A*-A      42%

A*-B      65%

A*-C      80%

However, Kings believe their role is about much more than just statistics, it is about changing lives. The following extracts from a recent conversation with Kings Brighton student, Joe, and his mother, Colette, provide a personal insight in to the Kings difference.

Joe: It is amazing to think how far I have come, as a journey, the help I have been given, the guidance and support. Just getting me to this point is unbelievable,

I am over the moon.

Colette: When we discovered the Kings opportunity and met with the Principal, who was amazing, it totally felt right. He said to us “We will work with Joe to find the right pathway for him and we will customise his education for him”, I thought “This is just gold.” What Joe has had from the tutors, the academic and emotional support have been great.

J: It is because of Kings that I am going to university… Kings has been a great step, a building block towards that, learning to be independent.

C: The environment here has been amazing and the relationships he has made have been a great bridge for university because he has come out of the school environment and made a great bunch of international friends.

J: Friends for life.

J: At Kings, I had the balance. Yes you enjoy yourself, you make your friends, there are so many activities you can do but also the education standard, the level of teaching, the support you get is on another level to something you would get anywhere else.

C: I am thrilled. Thrilled and proud and grateful and thankful, everything. Because it takes a village, sure Joe has to do his part because no one can do it other than him but the infrastructure, the teaching support that he has had have been inspirational. They should all feel really proud.

J: I found that I was more capable than I thought, and I was understanding things a lot more. There are so many different ways of learning and Kings help you to find the way that you learn best… and this was incorporated into my lessons.

C: That kind of custom learning he wouldn’t have got that if he had of stayed where he was. Everyone learns differently, and you have to be able to engage with your teachers, enjoy their company and want to be with them. Kings were able to do that and custom design to get the best out of Joe, we know that it is in there, we just need to find it and pull it out.

J: When you are loving learning, when you are having fun, when you are doing this because you like it, rather than because you have to; they get the best out of you, they get that belief out of you.

C: I would like to say good luck to anyone else who comes here and is afforded the same experience and opportunity. It is the best thing that could have ever happened to us.

Kings Brighton independent college East Sussex

Kings Brighton offers a mature yet supportive learning community, providing the perfect bridge between school and the country’s leading universities. Ofsted’s independent feedback helps the

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college to ensure it maintains consistently high standards of support for student welfare, personal development and continued exceptional learning and progression outcomes for its pupils.

At Kings, a personalised learning approach is central, delivered through very small classes (4 -10 students per class). Learning is contextualised to ensure students gain both detailed subject knowledge and transferable skills. The inspectors noted:

“Teachers have excellent subject knowledge and clearly understand the requirements of the courses they are teaching. They plan activities using carefully chosen topics which will engage students and enable them to make good progress. For example, in an economics lesson, when discussing inflation, and in a law lesson, when students were being introduced to contract law, the examples used were ones to which students could immediately relate. The discussions contributed to highly effective learning.”

Dedicated and expert university counselling was another quality highlighted by Ofsted: 

“Students were very positive about the quality of support they receive for their university applications. The advice and guidance undoubtedly helps them to choose the best courses and universities for their future. The preparation for the next stage of their education or employment is excellent.”

The Kings philosophy has always been inclusive and student-centred. It is built around mutual respect between staff and students, and also embraces a global perspective. A final word from Ofsted: 

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Excellent relationships at all levels and a high degree of trust make the college a stimulating and pleasant place for everyone to work.”

GCSE and A-level Easter Revision Programmes, Kings Brighton. Start dates 26th March and 3rd April.

The Easter Revision Programme at Kings Brighton is designed

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for A-level or GCSE students who are preparing for their crucial examinations in May/ June. Our courses are carefully designed, with an integrated approach, to address three key areas:

Subject knowledge
Kings’ experienced teachers will cover the core syllabus of all examination boards, helping students developing their understand of both individual topics and a synoptic overview of their subject(s).

Exam Strategies
Through the extensive use and analysis of past papers and sample questions, students will gain a greater understanding of the structure of their examinations, improve their ability to answer examination questions to maximise the marks gained and develop effective individual strategies as to how they will approach each paper.

Revision techniques and planning
Students will be given the opportunity to try a range of revision techniques and planning strategies and develop the skills needed to design their own revision tools and plans for their GCSE or A-level examinations and these can be carried forward for their future studies.

Key facts

Start dates: 26 March3 April 2018

Length: 1 week per subject (A-level: 4 full days per week; GCSE: 4 full days or 4 half days per week)

Lessons: 28 hours per week for A-level; 14 hours per subject per week for GCSE

Class size range: 4-10 students

Tuition fees:
1 A-level subject: £795 per week (4 full days)
1 GCSE subject: £395 per week (4 half days)
2 GCSE subjects: £795 per week (4 full days)

Learning outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the core syllabus
  • A better exam technique
  • Greater confidence for the upcoming exams in May/ June
  • Identification of individual revision strategies and planning

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