Major New Piano Scheme worth £¼ Million for Royal Hospital School

25 Mar 2013

The Royal Hospital School has unveiled plans to replace every piano in the School through a £1/4 million scheme that will provide pupils with world-class instruments.

Through the Duet Group, the School will take delivery of the world’s finest piano – the Italian Fazioli Grand of which only 110 are hand-crafted each year in a family-run factory in Rome. In addition, two impressive Bechstein Grand pianos and ten Hoffman Uprights will also be delivered in March.

Director of Music, Peter Crompton, says, “The Royal Hospital School has been building upon its strong musical tradition with a commitment to investment in musical education. A state-of-the-art music school was opened in 2009, a number of music scholarships have been awarded to the most talented pupils joining the School and now, this new piano scheme will attract even more first-rate musicians and enable our young pianists to develop to an even higher level.”

To celebrate this launch and showcase these remarkable instruments, the School has invited 10 pianists, including Headmaster James Lockwood, to play a World premiere of a piece by Iain Farrington called ‘PIanoscape’ on Wednesday 27 March 2013 in the Burns Recital Hall.

An inaugural concert will also take place on Saturday 21 September at 7pm in the Recital Hall at the Royal Hospital School.