15 May 2020


The Mayfield School community is celebrating another set of exceptional A Level results across the full range of disciplines, with the highest level

of A* grades achieved in recent years: particularly pleasing given media reports of a fall in the awarding of top grades nationally.

Mayfield girls have secured places at leading universities in the UK, USA and Europe (including Oxford, Imperial, King’s and UCL, Durham, Edinburgh and Exeter among others) to study a wide range of academic disciplines encompassing Aerospace Engineering, Classics, Economics, Graphic Design, Medicine, Modern Languages and Physics.

Outstanding results were achieved across the extensive A Level curriculum offered at Mayfield.  Almost a quarter of all entries were awarded A*, with 55% graded A*/A and 75% A*/B.  Maths remains the most popular subject at A Level and students achieved continuing success, with an impressive 30% achieving an A* grade.  The School’s first-class reputation for creativity is reflected in 100% of students achieving all A*/A grades in Ceramics, with almost two thirds awarded the top A* grade.

Languages are a popular and successful choice at Mayfield, notwithstanding a reduction in their study at national level, with over one third of entries graded A* and 80% A*/A in a wide range of European and Classical languages.  Overall almost 80% of students achieved ABB+ or equivalent.  The excellent results across all academic disciplines reflects the strength in breadth and depth for which Mayfield is commended.

Almost 10% of the year group achieved at least 3 A* grades and in addition a quarter of all girls achieved all A* and A grades.