Meet Freemen’s Diversity Council

18 Mar 2021

We welcome you to meet Freemen’s Diversity Council, set up by three of our current Upper 6 students, Gezana, Mia and Joshua.

Inspired by the BLM movement and changes in wider society, the students formed the council last term, with the aim to promote an environment of open debate and discussion about current social issues and a forum through which students can feed their ideas to back to teachers.

Joshua describes what diversity means to him, “to me, diversity is, diversity of thought, acceptance and tolerance of everyone and everyone’s opinions.”

The Council is keen to use the opportunity of being in an educational setting to be a positive influence in the Freemen’s community and there has been a great response from fellow pupils, with many enthusiastic to get involved.

During the interview, Mia speaks about the significance of understanding and acceptance every gender, race, culture and religion, “as a council, it is important for us to understand and reflect the world that we’ll be going into following our time at Freemen’s.”

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