13 May 2024

Millfield students heading to prestigious US universities

Millfield students are celebrating offers from prestigious US universities.

Sixth Formers are committing to study overseas at some of the highest ranked universities in the world including Stanford, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Princeton. Applications are at record high for Millfield this year with over 100 applicants to US universities.

Millfield are becoming specialists in assisting students wanting to study in the US after Sixth Form, with over 130 students attending US universities in the past four years.

Amelie Haworth who is a boarder from the Isle of Wight joined Millfield for its unique squash programme in Year 9. Amelie is the current under 19 ProAir British Junior Squash Champion and will be attending Stanford University on a Squash scholarship. She said, “My biggest piece of advice to someone starting to look for a US university place is to start looking early. I started looking in Year 11 and got offered my place in December of my Lower Sixth year, they start sports recruitment early so don’t leave it too late.”

Mayalee Osola will be attending California State, Fullerton, on a track and field scholarship. She will also be majoring in Business and minoring in Psychology. Boarder Mayalee said, “I joined in Lower Sixth so that I would be able to balance sport and academics and I’d say to any student to research as much as you can and just go for it.”

Beau Barrington-Hibbert joined Millfield Prep as a boarder in Year 8, she will be attending the University of Pennsylvania to play field hockey. Beau said, “I joined Millfield in Year 8 due to the number of opportunities within sports. Tennis was my main sport up until the end of Year 9 when I started to prioritise field hockey as I liked the idea of being involved in a team sport. It was an easy transition to make, and I was well-supported by everyone at Millfield. I don’t know what career I’d like to do yet, but I hope to be able to help people in whatever I do.”

Nicole De Pree will be attending Princeton University to swim. Nicole, who joined Millfield in Year 9, credits her swimming coaches for having the most impact on her during her time at school, she said, “I don’t know what I’ll do without my swimming coaches, they have shaped me not only as a swimmer but as a person and they have had the biggest influence over me. They are my second family and there is such a strong family environment amongst the swimmers. My advice to a new student would be to make the most of your time in Year 9 to explore what you’re really interested in and to focus on yourself as the time goes by quickly.”

Twins Nonso and Chukwudi Ottih joined Millfield in Lower Sixth as boarders. They have both been awarded a place at Emory University, Georgia, with Nonso studying Economics and Chukwudi studying Computer Science and playing basketball. The pair always knew they wanted to study at the same university.

Nonso said, “We always had this lifelong plan of studying A levels and we decided on Millfield due to the facilities, opportunities, and US outcomes for its students. It’ll be interesting to study economics at Emory as Atlanta is an emerging market in the world of finance. We would’ve looked elsewhere if one of us didn’t get in!”

Chuk said, “Alongside Computer Science I will continue to play basketball at Emory. We wanted to study at the same university as we will be able to enjoy the experience together and always be there to give each other moral support.”

Maddy Beeching joined Millfield in Year 9 to be part of the golf programme. She will be attending Texas Permian Basin on a golf scholarship and hopes to study human performance and become a performance coach after her golf career.

Ayaan Vaziralli started Millfield in Year 9 as a boarder from India. He is part of the Squash programme at Millfield and will continue squash at Trinity College.

Many more students will be receiving offers and making decisions over the coming months. Millfield provides specialist guidance for applications to American universities and timetabled SAT classes. Millfield is also one of the few SAT centres in the UK, which means that students can take their SAT entry exam on-site.