Academically, students at GCSE and A level ‘attain grades higher than expected for those of their ability, in line with the school’s aim to enable their pupils to achieve their potential’. Inspectors found students’ to have excellent skill, knowledge and understanding, as well as a positive attitude to learning. Not only do our students achieve the very best grades, but they develop a genuine love of learning which inspires them to be the best that they can be.

Our Sixth Form students noted that they ‘feel confident about themselves and their futures’, as their time at North Bridge House equips them with the academic, social and personal skills to thrive in later life. The future for our Sixth Form leavers is particularly bright, with all students in 2022 ‘gaining a place at their first-choice institution, many with high entry requirements or in specific fields’, or taking a gap year. ‘Older pupils are particularly eloquent about the effect that the school, and especially the senior staff, has had on their development and achievement, citing the support of their teachers.’

Students are just as successful in their extra-curricular endeavours as they are in their academic studies. The varied achievements of our students – ranging from LAMDA examinations, national science Olympiads and sport’s leader qualifications, to learning British Sign Language and completing The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – were noted by the inspectors as being considerable and impressive.

The school aids students’ personal development at every level, with inspectors noting everything from the ‘high levels of self-esteem’ and ‘excellent decision-making’ in pupils, to SEND students ‘being very well supported’. This is a result of the ‘excellent pastoral care’ and effort of everyone within the school community to make North Bridge House a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment. Pupils especially make a positive impact on one another through peer mentorship, organising and running extra-curricular clubs and by taking part in initiatives that better their local community.

We are very proud of our students’ achievements and the dedication of our staff, and this report exemplifies the success of our school in guiding students to find their ‘True North’.


Inspectors’ comments:

  • Academic outcomes are excellent for all pupils whatever their challenges and starting points.
  • Results in GCSE are equally indicative of the high quality of teaching and learning.’
  • Pupils are excellent communicators; they speak with confidence and express their ideas articulately and precisely.
  • Many pupils participate in school teams in a variety of sports with good levels of success, some having been chosen to represent their boroughs and to participate in London Youth Games and national competitions for sports.
  • Pupils have a good measure of success in extra-curricular activities, with some pupils’ achievements being considerable for their ages, particularly in art and drama.
  • Pupils are self-confident and resilient and feel well prepared for the next stage. They exhibit high levels of self-esteem, because they are comfortable in their own skins and get on well with other pupils.


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