Oswestry School – ‘Excellent Abounds’

08 Jul 2016

We are thrilled to be able to share our exceptional ISI Inspection report which has now been released. This report is one of the very best in Shropshire (and surrounding areas) and sets us ahead of our competitors.

There are four descriptors used by ISI inspectors: ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘sound’ or ‘unsatisfactory’. The school was awarded a fantastic six top grades out of nine. ‘Excellent’ was awarded in: curriculum and co-curriculum; personal development; pastoral care; welfare; boarding and governance. The three further strands of pupils’ attainment, teaching and leadership & management were all adjudged ‘good’ with straightforward improvements suggested. Indeed we have been given just one recommendation (usually three are made in these reports), that we should ‘utilise the whole-school assessment policy to meet the needs of all pupils’. This was an area of known weakness and is already identified in our development plans. We shall now be redoubling efforts to ensure that these refinements are in place for the next academic year.

It is also worthy of note that the inspectors used data from 2014 (the last set of data available from the Department of Education for inspectors use) which is clearly some time ago and before our current Headmaster was in post. The inspectors recognised our ‘ambitious and carefully considered range of initiatives’ that have been highlighted to move the school forward.

This exemplary report for Oswestry clearly shows the numerous improvements that have been made since the last inspection. The school really is going from strength to strength and this validation of success is, of course, most welcome. As one of the inspectors commented to the Headmaster: ‘this is a very special place, you must be very proud’. He certainly is.