02 Sep 2022

On A level results day this year, Tranby was once more the scene of joyous students receiving well-deserved grades and cementing their places at competitive university courses across the country. 90% of grades were at grade A*-C, and over a quarter of all grades received were at A*. Over 97% of students secured entry to their first-choice institution on the day.

Courses this year highlight the breadth of academic disciplines supported at A level at Tranby, with students taking up places in courses in the more readily recognised career-defined pathways such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, Teaching, and Real Estate Planning, alongside those initiating undergraduate degrees in subjects as diverse as Film Special Effects, Countryside Planning, Game Design, Glass and Ceramics, Chiropractic, and Fashion Design.

This year’s university destinations emphasise the broad and far-reaching aspirations of our students, with many travelling to internationally renowned institutions across the country; from more local leading institutions such as Hull, York, and Sheffield, through to those further afield, including Newcastle, Warwick, Manchester, Loughborough, Reading, Bristol, Swansea, and the University of the Arts London.

Given Tranby’s longstanding focus on academic excellence and its committed teaching staff, every year a huge proportion of the Upper Sixth succeed in securing at least three A grades across their three A levels. The students who have achieved this brilliant standard this year are setting off on a wide array of exciting futures, showing that excellence at Tranby comes across all subjects and disciplines:

  • Tom achieved A* in Business, Economics and Maths, and an A in Further Maths; he will be studying Economics with Maths at Lancaster.
  • Nathan achieved A*A*AA in Maths, Further Maths, Spanish and German, and will study German with Mathematics at Lancaster.
  • Darcy secured A* in Business, and A in Geography and Economics, and will study Real Estate at the University of Reading.
  • Millie secured A*A*A in Art, Maths and Further Maths, and will study Games Art at the University of the Arts London.
  • Josh achieved 4 A*s in Physics, Computing, Maths and Further Maths, as well as an A* in the Extended Project, and will study Computer Science at Warwick.
  • Oshi achieved A*A*A* in Spanish, Maths and Further Maths, and will study Mathematics with Study Abroad at Bristol.
  • Mark secured A*A*A in Computing, Maths and Physics, and will study Computer Science with Industrial Experience at Lancaster.
  • Conor secured A*A*A* in Chemistry, Biology and Maths and will take up Medicine at Sunderland.
  • Emily secured A*A*A in English Literature, History and Drama & Theatre and will take up English at King’s College London.
  • Julia achieved AAA in Physics, Biology and Geography, and an A* in the Extended Project, and will study Earth and Planetary Sciences at Manchester.

In vocational terms, careers requiring STEM skills continue to grow at a faster pace than other occupations, and STEM skills provide outstanding foundations for success in any future pathway. At Tranby, science, technology, engineering, and Maths are readily championed and celebrated through every stage of schooling and are of course taught to an outstanding standard; it is no surprise that our 2023 cohort has secured excellent courses in these subjects at university. This includes students studying Psychological Science at Newcastle, Mechanical Engineering at Swansea, Mechanical Engineering at York, Automotive Engineering at Sheffield Hallam.

The entrepreneurial spirit of our students, and their enduring interest in economic and financial affairs is apparent once more with a cohort of Tranby leavers taking up courses in economics, business, and related disciplines. This includes Accounting and Finance at Newcastle, Sport Business Management at Leeds Beckett, International Business at Loughborough, and Business Management at Northumbria.

Tranby students sustain a deep curiosity for the legal and social structures of society, and a wish to understand them to help better them in some future capacity. As with every year, a number of Tranby students will go on to study law or the social sciences at university, hoping in time to apply their skills and attributes to social affairs and make a difference. This includes Clarke Law with Criminology at Hull, Sociology at Lancaster, Social Sciences at Lincoln, and Law at Northumbria.

The UK has one of the most vibrant, diverse, and successful creative industries in the world. A leader across the arts and performance, and a centre for developing industries in computer design, Tranby sustains an outstanding depth of teaching and application experience in the creative arts. This is apparent this year, with an eclectic array of courses being taken up by our leavers in artistic and creative fields. At a time when the support and provision of such subjects is challenging nationally, Tranby remains a leader in building highly credible applications for its students and supporting them into this fascinating industry. Our students will be taking up the study of Glass and Ceramics at Sunderland, Games Art at UAL, Fashion Promotion at Manchester Met, Special Effects at Bolton, Architecture at Northumbria, and both Game Design and Film Studies at Hull.

Headmistress Alex Wilson stated: “These results show the supreme efforts and dedication of Tranby students and the thorough commitment and support provided by our teachers. At a time of unease and uncertainty, our students have secured the grades needed to build an array of exciting futures, and we cannot wait to see what they achieve at university.”