Pennthorpe wins Pfizer’s ‘Superbugs: Join the Fight’ 2023 Competition

21 Jun 2023

Pennthorpe is delighted to announce their second consecutive victory in Pfizer’s annual school competition, ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’. Pennthorpe’s Year 6 Romilly emerged as the 2023 Key Stage 1/2 winner, triumphing over other entries from schools nationwide.

Pennthorpe independent school West Sussex

In 2019, Pfizer introduced the popular ‘Superbugs: Join the fight’ school program, which challenged children to develop creative campaign ideas that inform and educate their communities about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and effective measures to combat it.

A panel of esteemed judges, previously including members from institutions like the Great Ormond Street Hospital and ANTRUK, meticulously evaluated all submissions. Their task was to select one winner and one runner-up for both the Primary and Secondary school categories.

As part of their victory, Pennthorpe has been granted a filmmaking workshop to transform Romilly’s winning entry into a professionally produced video, this term. Pennthorpe celebrated a first-placed position with a winning entry for the Key Stage 1-2 prize in 2022.