22 Aug 2022

London, UK – The first cohort to undertake A Level examinations at Harrow School Online is celebrating huge success today, with 98% awarded grades from A* to B, and nearly half (an impressive 45%) awarded A* grades. Just under 70% of pupils achieved an A* in at least one of their subjects and a third secured A*’s in every subject they took. The pioneering student body, comprising learners from the UK, Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain, India, Romania and more, have studied exclusively online throughout their sixth form education, proving that online study can hold its own

Harrow School online A Levels 2022

Harrow School Online Graduation 2022

Founded in 2020, and powered by the world’s leading digital media learning company Pearson, Harrow School Online is a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Drawing on Harrow School’s 450-year heritage, Harrow School Online allows pupils personalised access to a world-leading education wherever they are based, enabling a growing global community of bright learners to flourish through cross-continental friendships, extracurricular opportunities, and outstanding academic progress in their own homes.

The A Level achievements of the school’s first cohort – who selected their options from the particularly challenging subjects of Mathematics, Further Mathematics Chemistry, Physics, Economics or Spanish, – are a milestone that marks Harrow School Online’s inaugural two years. Around 80% of pupils applied to UK universities and are accepting places at University College London, Durham, Imperial College London, and the University of St Andrews, amongst others.

Speaking about today’s news, Heather Rhodes, Founding Principal of Harrow School Online, said: “I am immensely proud of our graduating class for this year: my deepest congratulations go to all of them, and their families in the UK and around the world. These talented learners have demonstrated great levels of intellect, confidence, resilience and ambition throughout their time at the school, and their results are proof that at its best, online learning can achieve results that are on par with or better than those of a physical school.

“Online learning has been seen by many as a second best option, but we have seen our pupils surpass all expectations Our results show that when ambitious students are given greater independence and flexibility in their mode of learning, they achieve to the very best of their potential.

“Since the school’s inception, during a time of unprecedented change and global uncertainty, our online Harrovians and teaching staff have forged a school community like no other: proving time and again that location need be no barrier to learning; and that the power of online schooling has an abundance of opportunities to offer in terms of suiting pupils’ lives, irrespective of race, culture and location.

“The domain of Harrow School Online is one of independence, entrepreneurship, and – above all – human connection. Through our supportive international community of learners, tough elective courses and stimulating student-led societies, and plenty more besides, our learners are blazing ahead to shape the communities and workforces of tomorrow. The independent learning skills they have developed through their time with us equip them for success at university and in their careers, and I am confident our pupils are leaving us with the skills and knowledge they need to embrace adult life.”

As well as today’s academic triumphs, numerous co-curricular and social successes were also achieved by the student body this year, including a coding project contribution from Online Harrovian Ooj Srivastava which was adopted by international software developers for purchase by banks and universities; a Young Innovator Award for pupil and young trader Tray-Sean Bin Salmi; the overcoming of charity challenges such as the London to Brighton bike ride, and the creation of an inspiring new poem and video from published young poet Aditi Bannerjee.

For a limited time, applications remain open for the school’s new academic year, which begins on 5 September 2022. Find out more at