Preparing for a surgical career with Kings London

10 Jan 2022

Preparing for a surgical career with Kings

A-Level student Alireza Karemi Tafreshi, from Iran, tells us about his plans for study in the medicine/cosmetic surgery arena, and his time so far at Kings London.

Hi Alireza. What made you decide to come to the UK to study, and why did you choose Kings specifically?

I was previously studying a GCSE equivalent in Turkey, and aspired to study at a good international school and found that Kings had a good academic programme that could work for me. I’m an aspiring Cosmetic Surgeon currently studying Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

From your experience so far, what would you say are the best things about Kings?

“The best thing about Kings is the support they give all the students. I have always felt comfortable with speaking to staff about any concerns I may have and they have gone above and beyond and I really appreciate it.”

The school is by far the most diverse I’ve been exposed to, with students and teachers being of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

What are your plans for university, and beyond that, for your future career?

I’m currently in first year so I’m not picking university as of yet, but I’m planning and looking for suitable universities around London that specialise in Medicine and have an advanced programme set in place.

Are you staying in a residence or home stay? Are you happy with your choice?

I’m staying with a host family, and I personally believe it to be the best choice for me.

“My host family have accommodated to my every need, they have subconsciously helped me with my communication skills and being comfortable speaking in English and introducing me to their culture has been super enlightening.”

How would you describe Kings London to a friend who was thinking about studying here?

To begin with, Kings Education is well-known for its comprehensive choice of courses, which include iGCSE, Advanced Level Foundation, and A-Level. The opportunities here are endless with the support of staff and meeting students from all over the world — that type of experience is a once in life time. The extra-curricular programme is very inclusive and has a wide range of varieties.