07 May 2020

Each Friday afternoon the Year 2 and Year 3 pupils in King’s Rochester Pre-Preparatory School don their trainers and PE kits and head off around the Cathedral Precinct as they train for a 2.5k Park Run.

Led by Deputy Headmistress, Mrs Kellie Crozer and Teaching Assistant Mrs Wendy Black, both keen runners themselves. The after-School running club was inspired by the popular Couch to 5K runs and to offers pupils an introduction to running as a hobby and is a great way to unwind after a busy week of lessons and to explore historic Rochester.

During each session pupils learn the importance of warming up, running etiquette and key safety skills. The club, called “Screen to 2.5k” encourages pupils to step away from digital screens and to explore outside. The club which only started in January 2020 is already at capacity and welcomes 20 pupils each week.

Mrs Crozer hopes the pupils will be ready for a 2.5k local park run by the end of the term. She said “Mrs Black and I have been really impressed with the commitment of the children to running, even when it has been dark and wet outside! The children are learning many running techniques, as well as building up stamina, we are very much looking forward to trying our first park run at the end of term