Pupils take to the screen for the ISA Limitless Skills challenge – LVS Ascot

20 Nov 2020

Pupils from Berkshire school, LVS Ascot, showed off their sporting prowess this month, when a crew turned up to film them for the Independent Schools Association’s national Limitless Skills Series.

For the Year Seven pupils, it was a case of lights, camera, action, rather than ready, steady, go, as they were filmed demonstrating 30 sports challenges for the competition, which is powered by the TopYa! app. The tutorial videos featuring LVS Ascot were rolled out nationwide on Monday (16 November) and the promotional preview can be seen here https://youtu.be/DoSWyxKZ93k

Over 110 schools have signed up to the free programme of challenges, designed to encourage primary and secondary pupils at independent schools across the UK to stay active. The challenges, known as ‘skills’, are accessed via the app, which includes tutorial videos and feedback from virtual coaches. Each challenge ranges in ability and interest to make it suitable for all ages and skill levels.

The series runs for four weeks with 10 new challenges dropping every week. Participants record themselves on their mobiles and then upload their video to the app to receive feedback from the TopYa! team of virtual coaches. Points are awarded for each video submitted and are fed into leader boards. At the end of the competition, prizes will be awarded to each week’s winners (Week 1 – Global Sports; Week 2 – Have Fun, Get Creative; Week 3 –  Crossfit + HIIT + Dance; Week 4 – Sporting Your Way).

Commenting on the challenges, Scott Brand, National Sports Officer at the Independent Schools Association, said; “We approached LVS Ascot to take part in filming as the school plays such a vital part in ISA’s national sporting programme. As well as playing host to one of our annual flagship events, the ISA Girls Football Festival, they also represent and attend all our major sporting events, so we were delighted when they agreed to take part in the video tutorials for the Limitless Skills Series 2020.

“ISA’s Limitless Skills Series is a fun, engaging campaign to get kids across the UK active. The series is designed to harness technology and engage children, transforming their time spent on-screen into time spent being physically active. We’re seeing the best engagement from schools where teachers are also taking part, as all their pupils want to ‘beat the teacher’!”

LVS Ascot Principal, Christine Cunniffe, added; “It was brilliant to see the enthusiasm from our Year 7 pupils as they took part in the filming, demonstrating 30 of the 40 challenges in the competition. We’re looking forward to the rest of the school getting involved and climbing up the leader board as each weeks’ challenges go live.”

The four-week competition launched on Monday 9 November 2020, but schools can still register to take part on the ISA website, at https://www.isaschools.org.uk/sports/limitless-skills-series, if they have not signed up already.

To find out more about LVS Ascot, visit https://www.lvs.ascot.sch.uk/  or contact press.enquiries@ltcharity.org.uk