Pursuing dreams at Kings Oxford: parent feedback

10 Jan 2022

Pursuing dreams at Kings Oxford: parent feedback

We recently spoke to Ms. Sri Utami Ningsih, whose son Adi is studying A-levels at Kings Oxford. Here, she shares her reasons for choosing our school and some useful advice to other parents considering sending their child to a UK-based education provider.

1. What made you choose A-levels for your child?

As my son, Dibyo Adyatma Pratama (Adi), will pursue a degree in Medicine, A-Levels are the most suitable qualification to allow progression to many universities.

2. There are lots of UK-based A-level providers — what made you choose Kings?

“We decided to choose Kings due to the size of the school and class. As a mother, I believe that smaller classes will mean a more interactive learning experience, meaning it will not be boring.”

Furthermore, the school is like a family, with a personal connection between the school and students.

Moreover, Kings’ A-Level alumni have graduated with very decent scores, which made me more confident about the quality of Kings as a Sixth Form College.

“We decided to choose Kings Oxford because as a child, Adi was always inspired by the city of Oxford, being home to one of the greatest universities in the world. As a parent, I was comfortable with Adi’s choice as Oxford is known for being a student city and very safe.”

3. Are you happy with your choice?

Of course. I had the chance to accompany Adi to Oxford in early 2021, and was able to visit the school and Wavy Gate Residence. Adi’s room at Wavy Gate is spacious, with decent furniture and bedding. Kings Oxford also offers excellent student services. Though, it is really too bad that many extra curricular activities could not happen during pandemic.

4. Why did you choose the UK as a study destination and how do you think education here differs from your home country?

As a child, Adi had always been keen on going to the UK. He had heard about the UK from reading various Stephen Hawking books.

5. What has been most challenging about your child studying in a different country?

“For me as a mother, I miss my son very dearly. However, at the same time, I need to stay strong and encourage him to pursue his dreams. I am confident that Kings Oxford’s staff are responsive and communicative, therefore I am comfortable leaving Adi in their care.”

6. Will your child be continuing their studies in the UK and if so, what degree course are they planning to do and at which university?

Adi plans to continue his studies in the UK, he is aiming for Medicine and currently deciding on his 5 university choices.

7. Would you say studying at Kings Oxford has had a positive impact on your son so far?


“First, I see that Adi is now definitely more independent than before. He is now able to take charge of his own life, able to take public transportation and manage his own finances. He also has a greater sense of responsibility towards his personal life and academic performance.”

Last but not least, he has improved his communication skills.

8. What advice would you to give to other parents considering sending their child to Kings?

My first piece of advice would be to find a safe and student-focused city. Secondly, find a school that best suits your child’s personality and needs, along with great facilities (dormitory, laboratories, etc).

Last but not least, find a school that is able to communicate effectively.

“A school may be big and prestigious, but if they are too busy to communicate with you and provide assistance whenever needed, then personally I do not think it is a good school.”

I can remember when Kings’ Regional Manager for Indonesia arranged a meeting with Ms. Sara Parsons at Kings Oxford so that both Adi and myself could ask as many questions about life in Oxford; it’s those small things that count!