Recognizing TASIS England’s Commitment to Student Well-being

14 Jul 2020

TASIS England has been shortlisted for “Independent School of the Year for Student Wellbeing” at the Independent Schools of the Year 2020 Awards.

Launched in 2018, the Independent Schools of the Year awards highlight the excellence of the student experience in independent schools. This nomination is a testament to our continued commitment to student well-being and we are hugely honored to be considered for this prestigious award.

At TASIS, student well-being is guided by the principle:

“Humans are at their best when they are challenged. Our purpose is to challenge students to reach their potential. We are, therefore, a fertile place to teach and live the skills and habits required to flourish in the face of the challenges that a TASIS education and future life will provide.”

To this end, we have developed a wide range of initiatives as part of our three-year “Flourishing Plan” since its launch in 2019:

Student Voice program: helping students engage in and develop their well-being.
The Student Voice partnered with TASIS England to develop a Contextual Safeguarding information-sharing tool that provides opportunities for student peer group engagement to develop a more robust school culture. The Student Voice also gives students a platform to share information about how safe they feel on campus and in the local area through interactive maps. In addition, we created a specific reporting tool that allows students to express concerns while in their online home learning environment, which is unique in the UK.

Wellness Center: providing access to dedicated spaces on campus to allow time for reflection, prayer, meditation, or quiet time.
Opened in April 2019, this facility serves as part of our holistic approach to promoting and supporting the well-being of our students, who can also participate in an array of school-funded wellness activities from meditation and mindfulness classes to fitness and nutritional advice programs.

Our annual “Flourishing Schools” survey: a school-wide initiative to provide informed interventions for our approach to our students’ well-being.

Mindfulness courses: for students in Grades 8 to 10 as well as faculty and staff.

Mindfulness and well-being tips: shared each week through our newsletters.

TASIS England is currently creating a “Flourishing Team” for each section of the School – Lower, Middle, Upper, and Boarding. Our Well-being Leads will be trained and qualified individuals whose priorities will include auditing our well-being provision across the School and designing additional initiatives to promote a flourishing culture for students, faculty, and staff.

The “Flourishing Plan” is underpinned by the ongoing care provided by TASIS England’s Health Center. Committed to the health and well-being of each student, three full-time, fully qualified nurses provide medical service every day and can be contacted at any time in an emergency. The nurses also work closely with the School’s Counselors. Boarding students can book appointments with a doctor who comes to the School regularly or with local dentists, orthodontists, and physiotherapists. The center’s four en-suite bedrooms accommodate any boarding students whose illness requires closer monitoring.

TASIS England is dedicated to ensuring our students are taught about the importance of nutrition and exercise and have access to plenty of fresh air, exercise, and a healthy diet. Students are encouraged to participate in our extensive Sports and Activities Program, use our excellent gymnasium facilities and well-equipped Fitness Center for regular exercise, and join in extracurricular activities such as horse riding and a variety of sports clubs. The in-house catering team provides a healthy, balanced diet, and a variety of nutritious food options is always available in our dining halls.