Rescue of Village Facelift by West Buckland Boarders

21 Oct 2022

“Community – a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

West Buckland School DevonWhen West Buckland village appealed for help to paint their village hall, the boarding community of neighbours West Buckland School came to the rescue. People in the village had explained that the next big job they were going to have to pay for was painting the outside of the hall, which was beginning to look very tatty.

At West Buckland, the boarders appreciate that they are not only part of the school community but also part of the wider community and, with this in mind, the boarding houseparents decided that they would gather a group of boarders to paint the hall for the village. This was part of a larger community day, which was due to include a fund raising quiz in the evening. However, this has had to be postponed in the event of the Queen’s death and subsequent period of mourning.

The whole activity was a massive success and all the boarders were a huge credit to the school. Houseparent, Mr Conlon, deserves a special mention for organising the painting party and thank you to the boarders for all their hard work.