School Monitors Announced for 2021-2022 Academic Year – King’s Worcester

07 Jun 2021

King's School Worcester independent coeducational day school Worcestershire

Following on from an extensive application and interview process, Mr Doodes was delighted this week to appoint the new School Monitors for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.

School Monitor is a prestigious role here at King’s and one in which students can really show their most positive attributes.

The following pupils will be our 2021-2022 School Monitors:

Oliver Annable (CH)

Alice Baker (CA)

Jack Barclay (S

Alexandra Barry (CL)

Luke Beever (S)

William Chater (CH)

Alice Clarke (BR)

Catherine Coupland (S)

Louisa De Vos (CA)

Olivia Filmer-Hare (K)

Samantha Hadley (CA)

Charlotte Morgan (CA)

Cerys Osborn (CL)

Felicity Quiney (BR)

Leo Rendall-Baker (OS)

Josh Richardson (W)

Maia Roncal (W)

Harriet Smith (Os)

Zoë Souter (S)

Dixie Stone (K)

Stella Taylor (W)

Izzy Trow (CH)

Bill Wales (CH)

Jamie Waters (CL)

Rhys Watkins (BR)

Monitors at King’s are just one of the many leadership opportunities offered at King’s Sixth Form. Monitors are highly regarded and provide a positive role model for other pupils. Their role is based on keeping the school running at its best level of quality and tradition. Monitors privileges include dinners, processing in college Hall assembly and weekly monitors lunch to name a few.

Monitors receive training both during the Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth and are given information on their roles and responsibilities and a chance to develop their understanding about, and different styles of, leadership. This also includes practical activities where they learn how to manage teams and start to understand their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and their own individual style. You can read about last years monitor training day here.

The new Lower Sixth Monitors shadow the current Upper Sixth Monitors during the Summer term, before taking the duties over when the Upper Sixth leave. They will then continue to perform the duties and roles of Monitors throughout their Upper Sixth year.