Science Experiments for Children During The Lockdown – Burgess Hill Girls

12 May 2020

Burgess Hill Girls has created a series of videos showing families how to conduct fun science experiments at home during the lockdown.

Make a ‘Lava Lamp’, a ‘Sweetie Rainbow’, ‘Frankenstein’s Hand’ or create an ‘Eruption’. These are the titles of four instruction videos Burgess Hill Girls has created for families to follow so they can carry-out their own experiments during the lockdown.  The experiments only require a few materials found in most households.  Apart from the ‘Eruption’ experiment, which can get messy, all can be done inside.

The teacher behind these experiments is Mrs Shelley Allen, Head of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at Burgess Hill Girls Junior School.

“I chose these experiments as they don’t require many materials and they are very popular amongst the pupils at the Burgess Hill Girls.  I hope everyone has as much fun doing them as we do. ”

In each video Mrs Allen is assisted by pupils at Burgess Hill Girls; Anaïs, Ellie, Annabel and Persephone.

You can watch the videos on the Burgess Hill Girls website, where you will also find written instructions for each experiment.